5# BRACCIO - "blackout a torino" - 7.5e, 450 den.
absolutely essential early '80s italian Punk/HC including members of Negazione, Contrazione, Declino and Kollettivo. Includes the complete "Vanchiglia '82" demotape, all songs from "Assillo politico" and "Papi, queens..." v/a 7" + an awesome selection of unreleased live footage. Everything taken from the prime master sources and remastered with direct supervision of Roberto "Tax", 5B's former member and legendary guitarist of Italy's Hardcore titans Negazione! A true milestone in official re-issues of italian punk from its golden age, coming in a wonderful digipack packaging
AANAL BEHEMOTH - "forest paranoid" (SUFFERING JESUS) - 5e, 300 den.
Finland has given us plenty of fucked up black metal bands; Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Clandestine Blaze, Wyrd, and Trollheim's Grott all spring to mind. It seems to me that the Finnish metal scene is a fertile environment for weird, punky blackness in particular, but while the debut album from Aanal Beehemoth straddles both the blasted catharsis of punk and the negation and atavism of black metal, Forest Paranoid is in it's own weird world, a freakish splooge of psychedelic necropunk that drips filth and junkie sweat from their reverb-soaked jams.
The whole album is whacked out, from the photos of members Deathly Fightor and Crazy Bomber in over-the-top corpse paint and their faces contorted into gruesome kabuki-like grimaces, smoking joints and shooting junk, to their band name (what the fuck does Aanal Beehemoth even mean?), but it's their music that is really frying my brain. A grotty sort of garage punk, fast and loose and catchy as hell, but filtered through utterly weirdo black metal with the vocals jammed through a bunch of trippy effects. Take a look at the influences that the band lists on their MySpace page - Hellhammer, early 80's Finnish punks Kaaos, the outsider garage rock of The Shaggs, Gism, Elvis, and Black Flag...that might give you an idea of what's festering on this album.
The album was recorded on a 4-track, and the raw production fits these damaged blackpunk anthems perfectly; it feels like yer hearing the band jamming at full force down in some slime-covered dungeon, grinding out their three minute buzzsaw anthems in abandon, slinging crazy acid-guitar solos, dreamy organ freakouts that sound like the band dragged a beat up old Hammond into the middle of their cave, mutant blasts of ghostly ambience and electronic effects, and best of all, surprising bits of pretty psychedelic melody and trippy guitar lines that show up in almost every song. Imagine if you took a primal 60's garage punk outfit like the Stooges, or the Sonics, or the MC5, ripped them out of their timeline and transported them to a snowy Scandanavian forest circa now, and left 'em to their own devices with only a crate of Kossu and copies of Darkthrone's Plaguewielder, GISM's Detestation and Celtic Frost's Morbid Angels to guide them through the void. It fits right in on Suffering Jesus alongside the psychedelic 70's rock/black metal of Tjolgtjar, but where Tjolgtjar is deadly serious with his weirdo occultic themes and wonky black-acid-metal, the tongues of the Aanal Beehemoth is firmly planted in it's collective cheek, as evidenced by songs like "From Aanal With Love" and "Loaded Head Empty Veins". Regardless, this freaking rocks.
ABSURDOOM - "drowned souls" (PMK) - 3e, 200 den.
serbian depressive black metal
ABYSMAL DARKENING - "no light behind" (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
depressive doom metal. ex-BUNKUR
ACCUSED, THE "oh marta" (NUCLEAR BLAST) - 8e, 500 den.
splatter thrashing maniacs
ACCUSED - "more fun than an open casket funeral" (UNREST) - 8e, 500 den.
splatter crossover galore
ACCUSED - "the return of martha splatterhead" (UNREST) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
ACID WITCH - "witchtanic hellucinations" (HELL'S HEADBANGERS) - 8.5e, 500 den.
ACxDC - "discography" (BLASTASFUK) - 7.5e, 450 den.
teenage fastcore
AELTER - "dusk dawn/follow you beloved" 2xCD (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 12e, 700 den.
ALL SYSTEMS FAIL - s/t (CRYPTAS) - 3e, 200 den.
ANAL VOMIT "welcome to the slow rotten pregnancy putrefaction" (A SANGRE FRIA) - 8e, 500 den.
Peruvian death grind, '93/'95 demos + live
ANATOMIA/ GRUDGE/ COFFINS - "doomed to death, damned in hell" (GRIND MIND) - 8.5e, 500 den.
13 tracks for 60 mins of pure old school death metal from three of the most killer bands of the underground scene in japan.
ARTIMUS PYLE - "civil dead" (PRANK) - 5e, 300 den.
Loud, hurtful and heavy-as-fuck downtuned crunch and blinding hardcore fury from the re-tooled members of FUCKFACE. As hyperactive and mean as ever, but with added elements of dark and heavy. It's on Prank so you know you're going to get an earful. Previous 7-inch on Life is Abuse.
ATARAXIE - "anhedonie" (WEIRD TRUTH) - 8e, 500 den.
majestic doom/death from france
ATOMSMASHER - s/t (HYDRAHEAD) - 7e, 420 den.
AVULSION - "a vicious circle of agony" (SOA) - 5e, 300 den.
BATHTUB SHITTER - "angels save us + mark a muck" (SUPER HIT JAM) - 7,5e, 450 den.
collection of '01 and '02 eps
BATHTUB SHITTER - "dance hall grind" (SHIT JAM) - 7,5e, 450 den.
last album
BATHTUB SHITTER - "lifetime shitlist" (SHIT JAM) - 7,5e, 450 den.
nice album including WITCHFINDER GENERAL cover
BELZEBONG - "sonic scapes & weedy grooves" (EMETIC) - 8e, 500 den.
sonic scapes & weedy grooves
BILE - "camp blood" (NO ESCAPE) - 5e, 300 den.
the long awaited debut full-length from the Dutch goregrinding sludge fiends!! Based on the Friday the 13th films and with incredible artwork, this is some of the best shit to come out in a loooong time!
BILE - "the shed" (NO ESCAPE) - 5e, 300 den.
after waaaaay too long this classic slab of sludgy goregrind sickness is again available to corrupt the minds of grinders to join these 3 freaks on their rabid chainsaw massacre! Featuring members of Dutch fastcore kings Insult and the death/grind marauders Inhume!
BILL SKINS FIFTH - s/t (FUCK YOGA) - 5e, 300 den.
"A pretty strange album from Macedonia of all places (which was previously a part of Yugoslavia, if yer geography is rusty), sent to us by Fuck Yoga Records. The bizarre name is a reference to Silence Of The Lambs, and these guys aren't the only band to use it: some quick google scanning turned up a Texan harsh noise outfit from the early '90s that had members of Black Leather Jesus and a funk-punk band from Oregon who both used the same name. The Macedonian Bill Skins Fifth is neither harsh power electronics nor Faith No More-influenced rap gunk, however. Rather, these weirdos cobble together a chaotic, fucked-up mess of neurotic metalcore, jazz, mathy indie rock, and melodic post-hardcore that's pretty damn experimental and disjointed but actually manages to keep me interested in spite of it schizo patchwork of dissonant metallic hardcore somewhere in between older Converge and Botch colliding head-on with jangly angular guitars, pop hooks, Primus-y basslines, and full on blasts of free jazz. I think there's some kind of concept at work here, with the series of illustrations in the booklet and the abstract personal lyrics seeming to tie into an ongoing story the band is telling with this album, but I'm not too sure. In any case, this is some cool, damaged metalcore weirdness, that's for sure." (CRUCIAL BLAST)
BLACK BREATH - "heavy breathing" (SOUTHERN LORD) - 10e, 600 den.
BLACK ELK - s/t (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 5e, 300 den.
The eponymous debut from Portland, Oregon's BLACK ELK is a raging destructo rock eruption, heavy, catchy, and flattening. This ten song album contains a creeped out conglom of carnivorous charred hardcore punk, the sludgy power of primo Pacific Northwest tarpit rawk (think KARP, MELVINS, and early SOUNDGARDEN as reference points), twitchy Midwestern noise rage somewhere between Am Rep Records (circa-1991) and a more rabid DIE KREUZEN, and a goatheaded psychedelic backwoods black mass/dance party risen to a freakin' fever pitch. Total crush. Produced by Mike Lastra at Smegma Studios (EARTH, THRONES, JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER).
BLACK TRINITY - "in this black thrashing night of infernal hell" (self-released) - 3e, 200 den.
BLACK OATH - "the third aeon" (I HATE) - 8e, 500 den.
italian heavy doom, nice
BLOOD I BLEED - "high octane thrash" (SELFMADEGOD) - 4e, 250 den.
Founded in 2002 by former members of well-known violent hardcore/grindcore outfit My Minds Mine, high quality music with an enormous potential for success in the underground community is what you can expect from Holland's Blood I Bleed. Essentially a logical continuation of what the Dutchmen have been doing for years, yet a new approach to the overall expression based on and inspired by renown acts like Heresy, Intense Degree or S.O.B., to name a few. Influenced by the 80's hardcore, grindcore, as well as Japanese hardcore bands, the furious quartet is a force to be reckoned with. High velocity hardcore / thrash with power that cannot be denied. "High Octane Thrash" comprises a big part of all the songs Blood I Bleed has put out on vinyl so far, such as the self-titled 7", the split EP's with Under Pressure, Sound Like Shit, Unholy Grave, compilation tracks and cover songs from Heresy, Negative FX, Fear Of God and BGK. A total of 32 songs that will blow your socks off. Singer Rosco (also My Minds Mine) has just took over vocal duties again, which makes things sound even more extreme. Like a high-octane fuel racing car, Blood I Bleed stops at nothing. More power to their elbow!
BOHEMIAN GROVE - s/t (HYPERBLASTED) - 7e, 420 den.
BOHEMIAN GROVE - "age of retrogression" - 7e, 420 den.
BOLT THROWER - "IV crusade" (EARACHE) - 10e, 600 den.
crushing warmetal
BOLT THROWER - "warmaster" (EARACHE) - 10e, 600 den.
read above
BOMBARDE - s/t CDep - 4e, 250 den.
BOMBENALARM - "tape + ep '04" (DYBUK) - 7e, 420 den.
Dark crustcore influenced by scandinavian hardcore with some melodies on guitar works and heavy, harsh brutal vocals. Tempos vary from fast to midpaced and an insert with lyrics texts and translations in english is included. Lyrics deal with socio-politics as usual. Some of them play in Doomtown and Burial.
BONGRIPPER - "satan worshipping doom" (THE GREAT BARRIER) - 8.5e, 500 den.
read title
BONGRIPPER - "the great barrier reefer" (EMETIC) - 8e, 500 den.
80-minute doom song
BURMESE/ CADAVER EYES split (HCB/ NSI) - 6e, 350 den.
Like demented twins in crime, Burmese (tUMULt / Load Records) & Cadaver Eyes rephrase Doom, Grindcore and Power Electronics by using an agonizing mechanism of plain brutal aesthetics, ascending these genres to a higher level of cognitive surge. This split CD is difficult and pungent, a warm spew in the face and an endless buzz in the eardrum that fiercely occupies the brain and treats the grey cells as if they were an ashtray. A crude awakening and a classic case of ponderous self indulgence.
BURMESE/ FISTULA - split (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 6e, 350 den.
Hyper destructive low-end violence from two of the American underground's most ferocious hate-sludge outfits. A dual assault from feedback-warriors BURMESE and battle-sludge titans FISTULA. BURMESE annhilate everything before them with a lethal blast of low frequency skree tantrums, cough-syrup drenched blastbeats, WHITEHOUSE-worshipping noise, and demonic free improvised violence. Think KHANATE, DROPDEAD, EARTH, and MERZBOW in an earth shattering, widow-making basement deathmatch. Ohio 's FISTULA batter up with megaheavy sludge, blistering blackened thrash, diseased rock, and some incredibly infectious riffs . Hear these tarpit battle anthems, hail the low frequency berserker. BURMESE burn you down...FISTULA pisses all over the ashes.
BURNING SAVIOURS - s/t (I HATE) - 8e, 500 den.
swedish proto metal, WITCHFINDER GENERAL/ PENTAGRAM style
BUTCHER ABC - "butchered at birthday" (WEIRD TRUTH) - 8e, 500 den.
death metal from japan
CANDID/ REALM/ INTRAUM/ CONGENITAL HELL - 4 way split (BLOODBATH) - 7e, 420 den.  
Candid(Osaka) : Fast and Metallic Hard Core with Sludge taste (4 tracks) / Realm(Hiroshima) : Dark Ambient Doom Noise (1 track) / Intraum(Osaka) : Funeral Doom by Bass/Vocals and Drums (1 track) / Congenital Hell(Koiwa) : Technical Heavy Metallic Noise Grind Destruction (1 track)

CAPTAIN CLEANOFF - discography (NO ESCAPE) - 5e, 300 den.

CATHETER/ MASS GRAVE - split (HAUNTED HOTEL) - 4e, 250 den.
crust/grind feast
CATHODE - "...a machine that never falters" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 3e, 200 den.
"Awesome 8 song full length of dark, crushing hardcore from Holland that is caught somewhere between the Portland "epic crustcore" sound of Tragedy & From Ashes Rise (but MUCH faster and more pissed off) and discordant,apocalyptic bands like Catharsis and Gehennna.There's also a little of that insane german metalcore thing going on here too, a la Acme Systral Morser. From the first blast of nightmarish riffing that rips out of the speakers,to the last shredded scream of defiance, this is dark, ultra-crushing stuff with a fierce anti-authoritarian/anti-consumerist bone to pick." (CRUCIAL BLAST)
CAULDRON BLACK RAM - "slubberdegullion" (WEIRD TRUTH) - 8e, 500 den.
mid-tempo pirate death metal from australia
CHURCH OF MISERY - "the early works" 2xCD (EMETIC) - 10e, 600 den.
collection of singles/splits/compilations
CHURCH OF MISERY - "vol.1" (EMETIC) - 7e, 420 den.
rocking sludge, japan
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN - "exotic sense decay" (WILLOWTIP) - 7e, 420 den.
COFFINS "perpetual penance" 2xCD (OBLITERATION) - 12e, 720 den.
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE - "the arising dungeon cult" (IXIOL) - 5e, 300 den.   
One of the US's best bands, Cold Northern Vengeance offer their debut full-length of heathen black metal with Swede death-isms for a well rounded attack. Atmospheric and poignant, there isn't one bad song on this disc. Searing melodies and a caustic sense of aggression embody the best of the US, Euro and Scandinavian scenes. CNV is uniquely developed and an important band arising from US soil.
CONFUSION - "demos-lition" (OBLITERATION) - 7.5e, 450 den.
colombian grind/noise, highly recommended
CONGENITAL HELL - "anger and grief" (BLOODBATH) - 7e, 420 den.   
hellish japanese doom, excellent!
CORRUPTED - "garten der unbewusstheit" (NOSTALGIA BLACKRAIN) - 7.5e, 450 den.
new album
CRIME DESIRE - s/t (LIFE IS A RAPE) - 7e, 420 den.
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - "age of vandalism (1987-1993)" 4xCD (SELFMADEGOD) - 25e, 1500 den.
deluxe digipack boxset with extensive booklets, ultimate grind/noisecore collection, 1036 songs
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - "misantropo a senso unico - redux" (FOAD) - 8e, 500 den.
extreme hardcore classic, very recommended
CROWPATH - "old cuts and blunt knives" (ROBOTIC EMPIRE) - 7e, 420 den.   
Finally back in stock! The cacophony created by Swedish metal overlords CROWPATH is astonishingly innovative but more importantly, all-encompassing in its sheer brutality! Absolutely inhumanly-fast yet stylish drumming and wild bass lines are the backbone for an amalgamation of creative riff after riff. The off-timed chaos is superbly held together with demon-like vocals that range from crazed screams to evil guttural yells. By fusing the finest elements of tech metal, grindcore and death metal with a good dose of hardcore battery, Crowpath's debut CD is a very fresh outlook on heavy music and is undoubtedly going to reshape the way many modern metal bands think. This collections disc (mastered by Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull) compiles all of their vinyl-only efforts and two exclusively mastered preview tracks from their phenomenal Red on Chrome album on Willowtip/Earache.
CRYPTICUS/ SCAREMAKER - split (SELFMADEGOD) - 7.5e, 450 den.
horror obsessed thrash/death
CULVER/ SEPPUKU - "dedicated to soledad miranda" (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
droning noise and excruciating doom, very nice
CURRENT 93 - "honeysuckle aeons" (COPTIC CAT) - 8e, 500 den.
dedicated to peter christopherson and sebastian horsley, very nice
DAGON - "in desolationem per nefandum" (FIRE OF FIRE) - 7e, 400 den.
raw, melodic black metal
DAMAGE DIGITAL/ ABORTION - "weapons for all" split (HUMANOS MORTOS) - 7e, 420 den.
DAZD - s/t (FUCK YOGA) - 5e, 300 den.
"Killer apocalyptic hardcore from Serbia! This band is pretty wild; they bring together weird occult themes and imagery, their album art full of esoteric sigils, woodcut artwork, and surreal paintings from Jason Barnett, the lyrics exploring themes of anarchism, paganism, and earth magick, while the music is a mix of grim post-punk dirges a la Amebix/Killing Joke, psychedelia, and violent hardcore rituals, and also list Japanese maniacs GISM and cult Swiss metallers Hellhammer as influences. At first, Dazd start things off with a wasted doomed crawl, the opening track all stomping old school doom metal in the vein of Pentagram and Sabbath, heavy bluesy riffing creeping over reverb-drenched drums while screams echo in the distance; but the second track sets the tone for the rest of the album, beginning as a gloomy instrumental hardcore dirge, heavy winding bass and skronky, Ginn-esque guitar matched with droning riffs and spacey synthesizers, eventually starting to sound like a faster, more feral version of Amebix. From there, the album travels through fast hardcore punk fronted by snarling slobbering screams and delirious chanting, stretches of electronic noise and droning synths and Hawkwindian space fx, pounding metallic sludge, galloping old school metal, D-beat driven thrash, finally arriving at the wailing tribal punk dirge of "Duboko Duboko" where the band digs into another Killing Joke-esque jam with Hammond organs and emotional weeping vocals. Strange and unpredictable occult hardcore bound in amazing surreal imagery - Dazd are highly recommended for fans of brutal left-field HC." Crucial Blast review.
The CD version contains one extra song.
DEATH "infernal live" (EARPAINE) - 8e, 500 den.
at the Ruby's, Tampa '83
DEATHSPELL OMEGA - "chaining the katechon" (AJNA) - 8e, 450 den.
entropic french black metal
DECEASED - "supernatural addiction" (HELL'S HEADBANGERS) - 8.5e, 500 den.
american death heavy metal + bonus demo tracks
DEFCON ZERO - "rats" (NEVER HEALED) - 4e, 250 den.      
DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE/ SEMTEX/ FROGSKIN - "by the malice of evil..." split (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
finnish sludge
DENIAL OF GOD - "the horrors of satan" (PESTIS INSANIE) - 7.5e, 450 den.
ghoulish horror metal
DESECRATION "damaged by decibels" - 8e, 500 den.
80's thrashy hardcore, discography
DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" (FUCK YOGA) - 7e, 400 den.
cult hateful hardcore, discography
DISGORGE - "forensick" (CANDLELIGHT) - 8.5e, 500 den.
sick and brutal grinding from mexico
DISGUST - "war deterrent" (GRIND FREAKS) - 7e, 420 den.
japanese crusty grind, recommended
DISLIKE - "ctrl" (self-released) - 3e, 150 den.
DOOM - "lost the fight/ pro-life control" (AGIPUNK) - 7e, 420
masters of crust available again on vinyl. This release, first part of a Doom reissue serie, features their split album with Selfish dated 1994 and split 7" with Hiatus released in 1993. Songs have been remastered, and all the original artwork is featured in the inner booklet. CD version features two bonus tracks taken from compilations.
DOOM "rush hour of the gods" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 8e, 500 den.
classic 90's crust
DOT[.]/SU19B - split (RSR) - 7e, 420 den.

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