07 december 2012

- SETE STAR SEPT will be playing Europe in early July for 3 weeks. Still sketching the tour schedule, get in touch if you want to book them.
- DESPISE YOU are making their first appearance in Europe at the same time. Just finished the layout for the "west side horizons" CD which is scheduled to come out quiet soon on FUCK YOGA, with a vinyl repress to follow in near future.

10 october 2012

- FY#40 SETE STAR SEPT - "vinyl collection 2010-2012" CD

Hello you. I am happy to offer this immense body of work composed by SETE STAR SEPT from Japan.
SETE STAR SEPT are the finest purveyors of avantgarde noise/grind in our age. This is an antithesis of normality based on the vast history of Japanese extreme music. Exhilarating, draining and autistic noise.

Sete Star Sept - 11 - The balance of fear by neveranswerthephone

Sete Star Sept - 26 - Seems Like Animal by neveranswerthephone
Sete Star Sept - 72 - Gas Chamber Executions by neveranswerthephone

Over the last two years, SETE STAR SEPT have focused on putting out a slew of releases; this collection features the vinyl output: split 12" w/ GENERIC DEATH, split 10 w/ NOISE, split 7" w/ PENIS GEYSER, split 7" w/ CSMD, split 7" w/ SATAN, split 7" w/ ROTGUT, 4-way split 7", "gero me" 10" and a live set from KFJC, clocking in at 75 minutes total.
This is a very sick CD.
30 copies come with an exclusive shirt, sizes S-XXL.

The CD costs 7 euros; shirt included- 17 euros.
Worldwide shipping: 3.5e without jewel case, 4.5e with jewel case, 5.5e with shirt.

Also printed a 30 NOOTHGRUSH shirts with glow-in-dark ink, artwork courtesy of Jason Barnett.
They cost 12 euros each, worldwide shipping is 4.5 euros, sizes S-XXL.

I carry most of SETE STAR SEPT and NOOTHGRUSH, as well as many other titles in the distro with very affordable worldwide shipping rates:

up to 250 gr = 4.5e
250 - 500 gr = 5.5e
500 - 1000 gr = 7e
1000 - 2000 gr = 9e

- Next on FUCK YOGA: DEPRESSOR - "filth/grace" LP, HERPES - "medellin" 7", ATAQUE DE SONIDO - s/t 7".

20 august 2012

- FY36 CULT OF THE 7 CROWNS - "land of screwdom" volume 1 mixtape

Screwed and chopped, dragged and drugged remixes of music played by members of the CULT OF THE SEVEN CROWNS.
Twisting the already notorious sound frequencies in an uneasy chaotic direction playing cruel games with your nervous system. Nightmare is reality is nightmare.
Cover by Pablo Cavero and Rebekikoo Topakian.

Replicated in 100 copies, 5e/6.66$ for each copy.

This is a co-release with IDONEUM BELLO.

28 may 2012


After 14 years of delay, the split single between NOOTHGRUSH and SUPPRESSION is out today.
NOOTHGRUSH have managed to compress an elaborate piece of doom on their side; trademark crushing crusty riffing complemented by caveman drums, heavy bass and narration fueled by disgust make for one sick, sick song.
SUPPRESSION open the flip side with a mental power electronics section leading to a grinding hardcore tune, heavy on the freak sauce.
Sludge, noise and brutal hardcore- this split is a time travel trip to the mid-90's mutant underground as presented by two of it's most prominent units.

All copies are pressed on black vinyl, 150 come with a kaleidoscopic mind-melting two-sided puzzle, available through mail-order only.
The regular edition costs 5 euros, the puzzle edition costs 11 euros.
The record is co-released with BLOW THE REACTORS.

-The first NOOTHGRUSH album has been repressed after being unearthed last year for the first time.

This is their bleakest, slowest and most psychedelic release, an obscure doom masterpiece.
400 black and 100 white copies, 10 euros each. Some copies of the first pressing and the CD are still available.

- FY#37 SETESTARSEPTSEPTSEPT - "kaama dhaatu" 3"

Japan's premium noisegrind purveyors SETE STAR SEPT deliver 15 loosely-joined micro compositions based on the absolute monarchy/desire principle. SETE STAR SEPT are exploiting themselves in an abusive manner on this anti normal record.
Recorded reel-to-reel in Amsterdam by Poda/PATARENI, artwork by Vlajke/ATENTAT NA SLUH.
30 copies total, not to be reissued- some black, others clear, costs 20 euros.
The record is co-released with IDONEUM BELLO.

Worldwide shipping for the SETESTARSEPTSEPTSEPT 3" and NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION split 5" is 4 euros each, and 5.5 euros for the NOOTHGRUSH s/t LP.
Shipping overseas is very affordable and barely increases for multiple items up to 2 kg- for the shipping rates click here.
Place orders to neveranswerthephone@gmail.com

04 march 2012

- The NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION split 5" should be done any day now, it will be available at the NOOTHGRUSH tour. I will announce its release upon my return, in mid-May.

- SETE STAR SEPT are touring the West Coast of USA, they will have the GENERIC DEATH split LP available on tour.

April 27 (Friday): San Francisco, CA at Maximum Rock and Roll Radio show
April 28 (Saturday): San Francisco, CA at Parkside with Tragedy (OR)
April 29 (Sunday): Portland, OR at Brickshit House with Transient
April 30 (Monday): Seattle, WA at Club M with Sidetracked
May 1 (Tuesday): Arcata, CA at Mex'N'Wow
May 2 (Wednesday): Bakersfield, CA at Munoz Gym
May 3 (Thursday): Las Vegas, NV at Yayo Taco
May 4 (Friday): Los Angeles, CA at Rito's house with Suffering Luna
May 5 (Saturday): Concord, CA at Greenhouse with Godstomper

27 february 2012

clear copies are available for wholesale as well, black copies are gone. A box of 6 LPs including worldwide postage is 60 euros. We are going to repress this in time for their European tour. Yes- NOOTHGRUSH is coming over for a handful of dates with ALDEBARAN, how nice of them is that? A noteable appearance will be on the HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN festival, the festival is taking place on 3-6 May in Copenhagen, for full info check the link above.
- DESPISE YOU shirts are back in stock featuring the classic design; Erdzan doing his thing- white shirts, black print, all sizes, 10 euros each.
- In different production stages are two micro-releases: SETE STAR SEPT 3" ep and CULT OF THE SEVEN CROWNS mixtape.

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