- Attention underground fiends, behold ULTIMATUM- the new freaky doom punk unit from Skopje, Macedonia


- ...no longer money-commodity-money
just money-money
where is my body?
where is nobody?...

BILLY BAO - "communisation" LP out next on FUCK YOGA/ INSULIN ADDICTED


- The latest batch of releases plus in-print back-catalog now available through EBULLITION.


- FUCK YOGA bandcamp
up now. Free streaming and downloads + actual records and shirts for sale (ordering stuff through e-mail will save you 10%). More releases to be uploaded soon.


-I will be away 17 September - 14 October, please be patient for a reply.


-Now available - clear PVC sleeves for your vinyl records.

100 x 7" sleeves = 5 euros
100 x 12" sleeves = 10 euros

Affordable worldwide shipping. Custom sizes and colors also an option.


Steven Meketa/ APARTMENT 213, 13.12.08


FY#38 DEPRESSOR - "filth/grace" LP

Apocalyptic deathcrust conceived midst the urban decay of The Bay Area; expanding upon the machine-like dirges of early GODFLESH and PITCHSHIFTER with the socially aware attitude akin to AMEBIX and AXEGRINDER.
The "filth/grace" LP represent the earliest incarnation of DEPRESSOR, originally available as two cassettes- "filth" and "grace" (1995 and 1997, respectively)- available only in underground tape-trading circuits. This release sounds as vital as ever both due to the masterful songwriting skills and the true motives behind the songs.
Listen to "fear itself" here
Available in 400 black copies at 10 euros and 100 purple, with a foil-stamped logo cover at 11 euros.

FY#46 APARTMENT 213 - "cleveland power violence" LP

Since their inception over 20 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio- APARTMENT 213 has represented embodiment of inbred brutality and all things wrong. Stompy, metallic hardcore that has been distilled to satisfy the finest standards. This is unforgiving, confronting, fighting music- the end of the road.
Album includes collaborations with LOCKWELD and BASTARD NOISE.

Listen to "BTK" here
Available in 400 black and 100 white copies at 10 euros.

FY#47 NOOTHGRUSH - "entropy" 7"

With style reserved only for the true scholars of doom, NOOTHGRUSH offer their latest rendering- a micro/macro requiem EP.
This release presents NOOTHGRUSH at their most refined; the songs are immensely paced in relation to the lyrical content, opting for acceptance of decay, and ultimately death. The restraint and respect NOOTHGRUSH treat their instruments with is magnanimously rewarded in the final outcome, adding to the seriousness and depth of their conclusion.
Recorded and mixed at EARHAMMER STUDIOS and mastered by AUDIOSIEGE for maximum sonic impact.
Watch a live video of "entropy" from their ROADBURN appearance here
Available in 400 black copies at 5 euros and 100 green, with an embroidered patch at 9 euros.

- repress of the NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION split 5"

Different covers, limited copies with an extra obi strip- 20 sold on their Japanese tour, 20 available now through mailorder at 7e + 460 regular copies at 5e.

- New short and long sleeve shirts available as well, 10 and 13 euros each- most sizes available, limited quantities.

- Shipping rates for priority airmail to anywhere:

up to 250 GR = 4.5e
250 - 500 GR.= 5.5e
500 - 1000 GR.= 7e
1000 - 2000 GR.= 9e


- Life has postponed the release of the upcoming FUCK YOGA records batch for the second half of June.


- Approved test presses.

NOOTHGRUSH - "entropy" 7", DEPRESSOR - "filth/grace" LP and APARTMENT 213 - "cleveland power violence" LP are now being pressed. They will be released for public consumption in a few weeks, along with the repress of the NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION split 5".
All releases are pressed in 500 copies, with 100 of each on colored vinyl and extras available from the bands and mailorder only. There will be new t-shirt/long sleeve designs by all bands as well.


- Today NOOTHGRUSH are recording a new 7" at EARHAMMER STUDIOS to be released on FUCK YOGA. Release date is scheduled for April, to coincide with their European tour.


- The masters for DEPRESSOR - "filth/grace" LP and APARTMENT 213 - "cleveland power violence" LP are on the way to the pressing plant.


Just picked up these large, intimidating embroided patches for SETE STAR SEPT- put up against a 12" record for size comparison. All but 10 are going to Japan, 8 euros each.

- Two new records revealed for the 2014 release schedule; NOOTHGRUSH and MOSS. More info soon...

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