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"jigoku no dantoudai" 3"/4"

- Japan noisecore- the old WORLD is dead, this is NEW WORLD! A systematic sensory intrusion in 7 movements:

1) evilwork for new world
2) nightmare again
3) 火葬場の蝶
4) drenched debris
5) the doom
6) 黒髪夜風
7) jigoku no dantoudai

- The program is released on two formats; 3", housed inside the blade of a guillotine, measuring 16 x 30 cm- designed and hand-crafted by Daisaku Nii. And 4" version, with a fold-out cover + obi.

Pressing info:

- 3": 9 black and 21 clear copies, at 40 euros each. Limit one per customer.
- 4": 30 black copies, at 20 each. Limit on per customer.


FY#54 GOLI DECA "mania" LP

- Articulating the notion of brutalism through motions of regal repetition- the goal is to break through and survive by all means necessary. Hyper-real music for the body and mind.
6 songs that evoke the authority of early/mid SWANS and Macedonian 80's dark wave of PADOT NA VIZANTIJA and MIZAR- yet still belonging in the present.
GOLI DECA (Skopje, Macedonia) is Ivan Kocev (vocals, drums, piano, trumpet), Oleg Chunihin (guitar), Nebojsa Vasovic (bass guitar)

Pressing info:

- 500 black copies at 12 euros


- A valorous automatic bridging of distant inhuman conditions and forging them in an alchemic weapon of salvation, for some.

On this recording TRANSHUNTER was:

- Ivan Kocev, of merciless hammering and autolove
- Oleg Chunihin, of rigorous metal
- Viktor Ribar, of sardonic harassment
- Filip Trajkovski, of survival and related experiences

Performance documented at ELEKTOR ASCENDING (Skopje, Macedonia) and christalized by DEMONIC BULL SKULL with Goran Petrovski.
Mastered through the ENORMOUS DOOR

Pressing info:

- 500 black copies at 12 euros
- 30 test presses at 20 euros. Same packaging, in a black bag

FY#56/#57 COME TO GRIEF "the worst of times" 12"/CD

- COME TO GRIEF represents the epitome of sludge in all it's subterennean splendor.
Hand-of-doom sculpted filth that oozes with terminal disgust of life- depression and madness being the only companions delivering you to the Master.
The line-up is Terry Savastano (GRIEF, DISRUPT)- guitar and backing vocals, Chuck Conlon (GRIEF)- drums, Justin Christian (MORGION)- bass, and Jonathan Hebert- vocals and guitar.
Recorded and mixed in late 2016 by Glenn Smith at AMPS VS OHMS in Cambridge, MA. Mastered at NEW ALLIANCE EAST by Nick Zampiello.

Pressing info:

- 400 black copies at 12 euros
- 100 clear copies at 15 euros
- 500 CDs

short sleeve, 13e
long sleeve, 18e


- Industrialized crust/deathrock extending upon the bleak, dystopian visions of early GODFLESH and PITCH SHIFTER.

"During its highest achievements, Depressor repurpose Sabbath scrap into moments of meaning for those staring further down an arc of decline that their descendant riff patterns prophesied rather than perceived. Adept, effective and simplistic motifs are both well considered and carefully placed to give each note a weight of significance that paints a flurry of images which are given definition by nuanced industrial outlines. The rhythms operate in two essential modes: a flurry of electronic inheritance that strides closes next to dance music and the painful pulsing of automated impoverishment. Naturally, the former are used to drive the chase down the fracturing highways and crumbling infrastructure left in malign neglect while the latter pulses with the maddening violence of mechanical motion as it echoes across a sprawl of slowly crumbling skyscrapers. The human voice, worn from chord roughing debris, recalls Justin Broderick as readily as it reminds of UK crusters Doom to give indignant sermons that are annotated with misanthropic anguish."

The album was recorded back in 1995, remastered in 2017 at ENORMOUS DOOR.

Pressing info:

- 347 black copies at 12 euros
- 110 clear copies at 13 euros



- FUCK YOGA records and KILLTOWN bookings bring you, for the first time on European soil

- COME TO GRIEF (USA) represents the epitome of sludge in all it's subterennean splendor.
Hand-of-doom sculpted filth that oozes with terminal disgust of life - depression and madness being the only companions delivering you to the Master.
In time for this set of dates, COME TO GRIEF will have their first record out on 12" and CD, titled "the worst of times"- released on FUCK YOGA records.
Listen to "no savior"

- SADO ZORA (Macedonia) will be of support with their septic uproar articulated through primitive, cruel, doom metal.
Listen to "katanokturn matkadzilak"


First studio single of TRANSHUNTER


- bezsramno netalentirana grupa diletanti, apsolutno gubewe vreme (i pari)- EVENTUALNO za dru{tveni otpadnici od najnizok rang.
TRANSHUNTER - presti`na takti~ka edinica, kaleidoskopska interpretacija na delata na ..., ..., i ....
Plakat na Goran Da~ev.
Vlez samo so karti po 200 denari (ograni~eni na 30)- se rezerviraat po elektronska po{ta/ itn.
Sledniot den:
MADRE COCA vo AKO NIKOJ NE SVIRI na KANAL 103, so prenos vo `ivo.
Plakat na Pre`ivuva~ka Propaganda.

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