REACTORY - "killed by thrash" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 10e, 600 den.
german thrashing punks
REGURGITATION "complete recordings '86/'87" (FOAD) - 14e, 850 den.
Early grind- crazy and thrashy!
RIISTETYT - "skitsofrenia" (HOHNIE) - 10e, 600 den.
finnish hardcore punk classic
ROBANERA - "meco discordia" (ZAS) - 11e. 666 den.
BUZZOV*EN/BLACK FLAG style hardcore sludge
ROSES NEVER FADE - "fade to black" (A389) - 13e, 800 den.
neofolk by holy terrorists
ROT IN HELL - "hallways of the always" (A389) - 12e, 720 den.
metallic hardcore from the INTEGRITY/RINGWORM school of rock
RUNEMAGICK - "envenom" 2xLP (PARASITIC) - 18e, 1100 den.
"Now Runemagick have always been doomy, but this is the doomiest they have ever been. It is not an accessible album, and will definitely put off those not already into slow, crushing music with sparse vocals and a lot of ambient passages. But this is Doom all the way, with no nods to anything else. The album tends to get slower and more strange as it goes on. I can't say it kicks ass, because it doesn't kick – it's more like being pressed to death."
SAME SEX DICTATOR - "from beneath you it devours" (???) - 12e, 720 den.
proggy fast hardcore, MITB/LORDS OF LIGHT style
SACRILEGE - "it's time to face the reaper" 2xLP (HAVOC) - 22e, 1300 den.
most excellent hardcore/punk/metal crossover, 4 demos '84-'86
SANGRAAL - "wolves of armageddon" (WICKED WITCH) - 20e, 1200 den.
SERVILE SECT - "svrrender" (KOTM) - 13e, 800 den.
noisy sci-fi black metal
SCHIZOPHASIA - "3000" (STREAKS) - 12e, 720 den.
side a: noise punk chaos, side b: cyber punk
SENSELESS APOCALYPSE - "unpolluted" (PSYCHOCONTROL) - 12e, 720 den.
japanese fastcore
SERPENT ASCENDING - "the enigma unsettled" (BLOOD HARVEST) - 13e, 800 den.
underground finnish death metal
SETE STAR SEPT - "messenger from the darkness" (MASS DEADENING) - 12e, 720 den.
stream of consciousness noisecore delivery
SETE STAR SEPT - "revision of noise" (FUCK YOGA, IDONEUM BELLO) - 10e, 600 den.
SETE STAR SEPT - "sacrifice" (FUCK YOGA) - 10e, 600 den.
japanese noisecore
SETE STAR SEPT - "visceral tavern" (SPHC) - 12e, 720 den.
supreme noise merchants
SETE STAR SEPT/ AGATHOCLES - split (B.O.G.) - 10.5e, 650 den.
grinding feast for the noise freaks
SHOW OF BEDLAM - "roont" (CHOKING HAZARD) - 12e, 720 den.
twisted doom with female vocals, recommended
SICKOIDS - s/t (HARDWARE) - 11e, 650 den.
frantic US hardcore, here's the DIE KREUZEN comparison
SKULLHOG - "the evil dead" (FATASS) - 12e, 720 den.
death/sludge horror, ex-BILE
SLANG - "life made me hardcore" (HARDWARE) - 12e, 720 den.
full-on meaty hardcore record
SLEEP - "dopesmoker" 2xLP (SOUTHERN LORD) - 25e, 1500 den.
the ultimate stoner doom epic? ultra heavy weight packaging
SLOTH/ BAYGON VERT - split (BV) - 12e, 720 den.
SNOWBLOOD - "III" 2xLP (SUPERFI) - 18e, 1100 den.
SORE THROAT "disgrace to the corpse of sid" (FOAD) - 14e, 850 den
Noisecore blasterpiece, GREAT reissue, ltd. to 400.
STONE TITAN - "scratch n sniff" (SAFETY MEETING) - 12e, 720 den.
demented scummy sludge/noise rock set to destroy, ltd. to 300 - recommended
STORMCROW/ MASSGRAVE - split (AGIPUNK) - 11e, 650 den.
stenchy crust grinding
STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER - "hurt" (ROTTEN TO THE CORE) - 12e, 720 den.
scummy, ugly thrash. very nice
SL- psychdoomnoise, STS- deathdoom, very nice
SUN OF NOTHING - "the guilt of feeling alive" LP+CD (CTS) - 12e, 720 den.
miserable slow music
SUNNO))) - "OO))) void" 2xLP (SOUTHERN LORD) - 27e, 1650 den.
first album, raw drone liturgy
SUNNO))) & ULVER - "terrestrials" (SOUTHERN LORD) - 15e, 900 den.
cinematic, refined and mediative
SUTEKH HEXEN - "become" (KOTM) - 13e, 800 den.
black drone
SUTEKH HEXEN - "empyreisch" (VENDETTA) - 12e, 720 den.
occult noisy black metal
SVAVELDIOXID "andlos mardrom" (PHOBIA) - 12e, 720 den.
Swedish hardcore punk, ex-WARVICTIMS, DISFEAR, 3-WAY CUM
SWANS - "burning world" (UNIVERSAL) - 18e, 1100 den.

SWANS - "my father will guide me up a rope to the sky" (YOUNG GOD) - 17e, 1000 den.
SWANS - "seer" 3xLP (YOUNG GOD) - 30e, 1800 den.
SWANS 2K12 experience
SWORDWIELDER - "grim visions of battle" (CUBO DE SANGRE) - 14e, 850 den.
stenchy war crust, very nice
 SYMBOL SIX - s/t - 10e, 600 den.
TAINT - "secrets and lies" 2xLP (SUPERFI) - 17e, 1000 den.
proggy sludge, UK
TAINT - "the ruin of nova roma" 2xLP (SUPERFI) - 17e, 1000 den.
read above
Farewell Reason play emotional hardcore; screamy vocals, with a dark tone. Outre are a lot faster hardcore. Both bands are from Cakovec, Croatia.
THE GUILT OF - s/t (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 12e, 720 den.
industrial/noise from mike of EHG
THE KILLBOTS - s/t 2 x 12" (GURU GONORROE) - 10e, 600 den.
A flaming record full of anthemic songs, that manages to fuse stoner, raw rock`n roll and seventies groove into one hell of a musical armaggedon, kind of like a mix between ZEKE and KYUSS?
THE MAKAI - "embracing the shroud of a blackened sky" (HALO OF FLIES) - 12e, 720 den.
THE UNRULED - "butchers of warfare" (SCHIZOPHRENIC) - 12e, 720 den.
punk, nice
THOU - "ceremonies of humiliation" 3xLP (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 25e, 1500 den.
collection of singles and splits
THRALLDOM - "shaman steering the vessal of vastness" (PARASITIC) - 13e, 800 den.
"Occult-ish, shamanic (as the title suggests), almost improvisational music, caustic, chaotic and with no real structure, the sounds Thralldom manufacture are rare and unsettling. This album is the prototype to any musical product that's non-immediate or instant, in the sense it deserves much attention and dwelling on its ideas and aesthetics, after which the final verdict could not ever be one of indifference, but one of either extreme annoyance or utter appreciation. This reviewer chooses the latter… Fans of Ordo Tyrannis, Thee Maldoror Collective and other quality outfits of black / industrial / ambient / noise will surely appreciate this one of a kind recording; others will just vehemently hate it and dismiss it as nothing but noise." Chaim Drishner
THROAT - "licked inch fur" (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 12e, 720 den.
noise rock, AMREP style
TRANSHUNTER s/t (FUCK YOGA) - 12e, 700 den.
A valorous automatic bridging of distant inhuman conditions and forging them in an alchemic weapon of salvation, for some.
TRENCHER - "when dracula..." (CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA) - 8.5e, 500 den.
TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE - "termites" (IRON LUNG) - 13e, 800 den.
gloomy noise rock
UBR - "se en lep dan za umret" (REST IN PUNK) - 12e, 720 den.
slovenian hardcore punk classic
UNCURBED/WARVICTIMS - split 11e, 650 den.
UNEARTHLY TRANCE - "electrocution" (RELAPSE) - 14e, 850 den.
doom metal mysticism
UNEARTHLY TRANCE/ SUMA - collaboration 12"+CD (THRONE) - 15e, 900 den.
doomed noise
UZALA - "tales of blood and fire" (KOTM) - 13e, 800 den.
high quality psychedelic doom
v/a AMEBIX BALKANS (PMK) - 10e, 600 den.
tribute to AMEBIX
V/A FREAK POWER + zine (FUCK YOGA) - 10e, 600 den.
An international compilation featuring extreme hardcore/ grind/ noise bands. All songs are unreleased. Bands featured are:
BURMESE (supreme punishing noise), APARTMENT 213 (cult hateful hardcore), JUDAS (frantic metallic hardcore), BRAIN DEAD (heavy fast/slow hardcore), BUD JUNKEES (scummy stoner trash), SENATA FOX (fast scandi trash), MONSTERS OF POT (melted minds), WADGE (freaky hawaii-themed grindcore), SETE STAR SEPT (bizarre grindcore), WARFAIR? (crusty wargrind), ATENTAT NA SLUH (animalistic noisecore), NIHILIST COMMANDO (harsh noisecore), CRIME DESIRE (uplifting occult hardcore), HATRED SURGE (very aggressive hardcore, shaun/ COLD SWEAT on vocals), IRON LUNG (ultra violent hardcore), POTOP (BIG BLACK/ SWANS medley), MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST (mutant hardcore), DE NOVISSIMIS (cathartic sludge/ grind).
The zine has interviews with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, APARTMENT 213, BURMESE and SETE STAR SEPT + horror movie talk by Colin M. Tappe (CRIME DESIRE/ LIFE IS A RAPE) and an in-depth analysis of IN A GLASS CAGE. 36 pages, add-free.
v/a TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK 3xLP boxset (AJNA) - 55e, 3350 den.
CREPUSCOLO NEGRO family release, outstanding project
VALSE TRISTE - "madon luku" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 8.5e, 500 den.
"VALSE TRISTE is one of Finland's longest running bands that for some reason has been severly under rated and over looked. Rather than playing what we have all come to expect from Finish HC bands they ventured out into some wild twisted bass driven madness that brings to mind another under-rated Finnish band from back in the day KANSANTURVAMUSIIKKIKOMISSIO or KTMK for short, but with more thrashy approach. Or it you took NOMEANSNO by the way of the classic Finnish sound and threw a little CRASS into the mix, but that still doesn't do them justice at all. This disc has 20 songs on it all sung im Finnish of course and comes packaged in a digi pack. This band is a breath of fresh air and to all of you out there that think punk has become stagnant and there is no originality left. Check this band out if you haven't already cause they're one of the best around right now." P.E.
VERMYAPRE KOMMANDO "crache-la­mört" (DRAKKAR) - 15e, 900 den.
Project of VLAD TEPES- ugly & filthy, Black Legions Metal at it's worst!
VERMYAPRE KOMMANDO s/t (DRAKKAR) - 15e, 900 den.
Read above
VICTIMS - "neverendinglasting" (FAREWELL) - 11e, 650 den.
VISIONS OF WAR - "king of swines" (AGIPUNK) - 11e, 650 den.
brutal crust
VLAD TEPES/ BELKETRE "march of the black holocaust" 2xLP (DRAKKAR) - 22e, 1300 den.
Majestic underground black metal, highly recommended!
VOIDS OF VOMIT - "veritas vltima vitae" (BLOOD HARVEST) - 13e, 800 den.
oldschool doomy death metal
WALLS - "the future is wide open" (DE GRAANREPUBLIEK) - 12e, 720 den.
noise rock, ex-COLD SWEAT + LORDS OF LIGHT singer
WARCRY "deprogram" (AGIPUNK) - 12e, 720 den.
barbaric PDX d-beat
WARCRY "maniacs on pedestals" (AGIPUNK) - 12e, 720 den.
read above
WARCRY "not so distant future" (AGIPUNK) - 12e, 720 den.
read above
WARCRY "savage machinery" (AGIPUNK) - 12e, 720 den.
read above
WHITE HETEROSEXUALS - "modern sexuality" (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 12e, 720 den.
old school power electronics
WHITEHORSE - "raised into darkness" (VENDETTA) - 12e, 720 den.
read above
WHITEHORSE - s/t (VENDETTA) - 12e, 720 den.
read above
read above
WOLFBRIGADE - "prey to the world" (UNREST) - 12e, 720 den.
anthemic scandi-thrash
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - "bbc session 2011 a.d." (SOUTHERN LORD) - 15e, 900 den.
modern US black metal
WORSHIP - "last vinyl before doomsday" (DOOM-MANTRA)- 17e, 1000 den.
raw funeral doom, hard to find
XIBALBA - s/t (A389) - 13e, 800 den.
YOB - "atma" 2xLP (20 BUCK SPIN) - 20e, 1200 den.
freaky doom

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