LORDS OF BUKKAKE - "desorden y rencor" (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
sick sludge
LOWPUNCH - "act... revolt... live" (CHOOSE LIFE) 4e, 250 den.
By far the best Slovenian old school hc. Fast drumming, dancing rythms, melodic guitars, strong pissed off vocals, sing-a-long choruses. With one world - fantastic. It could be compared with Section 8. Nice booklet with socialy aware lyrics and explanations. Contains 13 new hits plus 11 old song from their long sold out demo. Hardcore classic…
LURK - s/t (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
finnish death sludge
This 24-track, 22-minute blasterpiece showcases two of the most ferocious newcomers to the grind/powerviolence scenes in many years. MAGRUDERGRIND bring the scathing, thrash/crossover influenced grinding mayhem while SHITSTORM terrorize with gruffer, speed/death metal-tinged destruction... together creating one of the most abrasive split albums ever conceived. With no direct mimicry, these two young trios manage to walk in the same shoes worn by grind greats like DISCORDANCE AXIS and PIG DESTROYER, both delivering absolutely pummeling performances with only the use of guitar, drum and voice. That's right, no bass players are needed for songs this short, fast and absolutely relentless... and no heavyness is compromised with each band's best recordings to date and a fantastic mastering job by West West Side. Top it all off with unbelievably sick artwork from BARONESS' John Baizley, and you've got a split undeniably destined for full-blown "classic" status.
MALVEILLANCE "just fuck off" (NEW SCREAM INDUSTRY + ) - 7e, 420 den.
"I fucknging love black metal in all of its different forms, from ultra-abstract weirdness to hyperspeed blackened violence and proggy, super complex black metal, but as someone who grew up immersed in hardcore punk, one of my favorite sounds is that of punky, ravenous, ridiculously distorted black metal, bands like Bone Awl, Akitsa, newer Darkthrone, Ash Pool and the like. I can't get enough of this stuff, and Maleveillance from Montreal is one of the best.
The earlier Malveillance albums were more along the lines of melancholic black metal, but something happened between then and Just Fuck Off, the 2006 album from Malveillance. This is where the music changed completely into a stripped-down primitive blackcrust assault, all atavistic hardcore riffing and overdriven distortion, rampaging D-beat drums and scorched misanthropic screams. This album still fucking kills - 22 tracks of feral and fucked up thrashing blackened violence, ripping an unbelievable amount of power out of an economy of riffs, most songs using two tops, just hammering it out over hypnotic Discharge-filtered-through-Darkthrone thrash that lays wastes to everything. Awesome!" CRUCIAL BLAST
MALVEILLANCE "l'appel du neant" (NEW SCREAM INDUSTRY + ) - 7e, 420 den.
Brutal, minimalistic, skull-shredding noisecrust. Vicious, uber-atavistic blackened scumpunk, along the lines of Bone Awl, Akitsa, Wold, Absurd and Ildjarn - that's what you get on L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord, a collection of Malveillance's out-of-print cassettes: Le Froid du Nord from 2005, and 2006's L'appel du Neant, both of which were released on Harsh Brutal Cold Productions. Malveillance put their own spin on that kind of blown out crusty savagery though, even more punk rock and thrashing, simplistic mono-riffing blasted over and over again, slathered in filth and distortion, pounded through trance inducing repetition over pummeling D-beat, Discharge-style drums, the vocals a feral screech. The recording for these cassettes is low-fi and raw, but thick and gnarly and super aggro. Like how Akitsa are like some blasted, blackened version of Oi!, Maleveillance are their crusty hardcore punk cousins, fierce and fucked up. The weirdest thing about this album is the whopping eight Ramones covers that are on here, and one cover of "You're Tripping" by pop punk mainstays The Queers! That might sound counterintuitive, but Malveillance takes these pop punk songs and makes them their own, taking songs like "The KKK Took My Baby Away" and "Commando" and "I Don't Want To Be Learned" and douse 'em in distortion and speed and venom, turning them into thrashing, evil blasts of super catchy necropunk. Even the Queers song sounds totally insane filtered through Malveillance's filth."
MARDUK - "serpent sermon" (CENTURY MEDIA) - 10e, 600 den.
last album, nice
MARZURAAN - "five years of fuck all" (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
freaky rock/ drone
MASTER - "on the seventh day god created..." (DOOMENTIA) - 10e, 600 den.
MAURIZIO BIANCHI - "computers s.p.a./ com.sa" 2xCD (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 10e, 600 den.
primitive noise
MAURIZIO BIANCHI - "technology 1 & 2" 2xCD (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 10e, 600 den.
early 80's ambient noise
MELANOCETUS MURRAYI/ PTAO - split (SAORS) - 5e, 300 den.
MERCYFUL FATE "live from the depths of hell" (SATAN'S NIGHTMARE) - 8e, 500 den.
read title
MIDNIGHT - "complete and total hell" (HELLS HEADBANGERS) - 8e, 500 den.
full discography minus the last album
MOKSHA/ MOHO/ ADRIFT/ ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH - "waterloo" 4-way split - (UNDERHILL) - 4e, 250 den.
4 way-split CD right out of the Spanish sludge/doom/noise underground szene. MOKSHA (in the vein of Entombed, Down, Electric Wizard), MOHO (High on Fire, Iron Monkey, Bongzilla), ADRIFT (Pelican, Messhuggah, Neurosis) and ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Isis), each of them delivering 3 (MOHO 2 songs) unreleased songs. In total 11 tracks in 55 minutes.
MORBOSIDAD - "enterrados vivos en la tumba de moscow" (PESTIS INSANIE) - 7.5e, 450 den.
merciless bestial black/death
MORTALIZED & GUILTY CONNECTOR - "concerto for harsh noise grind #1" (BLOODBATH) - 9e, 550 den.
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - "the monad of creation" (WEIRD TRUTH) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
MOURNING DAWN - s/t (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
Mourning Dawn's debut album contains 8 tracks for almost an hour of painful and depressive Black Metal. A freezing suicidal journey filled with misery, sickness and despair, based upon the work of first world war writers and their way of life... The perfect soundtrack for your own suicide...
Recommended for fans of Silencer, The Weakling, Shining, Deinonychus, Bethlehem, Forgotten Tomb, Xasthur…
MOURNING DAWN - "for the fallen" (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
suicidal black metal
MUCOUS SCROTUM - "hall of the slain" - 6e, 360 den.
Hellish black metal from Israel.
NAUSEA - "world struggle- demos '88/'92" (FOAD) - 8e, 500 den.
pure oldschool grinding
NECRODAMUS "no rest for the wizard" (OBLITERATION) - 8e, 500 den.
old school twisted and tormented metal of death
This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York's gods, Negative Reaction. There are no winners in this dirty Battle, just fifty bleeding and harsh minutes straight from the most unpleasant side of the genre…Expect for totally punishing experience!
NEKRASOV - "extinction" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
NERORGASMO - s/t CD+DVD (FOAD) - 15e, 900 den.
complete discography + '93 live, very nice
NEW YORK AGAINST BELZEBU - "are you ready for noise?" (TERCEIRO MUNDO CHAOS) - 6e, 350 den.
90's noisecore, ltd. to 100
NEW YORK AGAINST BELZEBU - "retrato do brasil" (TERCEIRO MUNDO CHAOS) - 6e, 350 den.
read above
NIGHTBRINGER - "apocalypse sun" (FIRE OF FIRE) - 7e, 400 den.
cold black metal
NIKUDOREI - "chain of evil dead" (DOTSMARK) - 7e, 420 den.
NOISEM - "agony defined" (A389) - 8e, 500 den.
latest wave of hardcore/death/thrash
NOOTHGRUSH - "falling early, falling often" (EMETIC) - 7e, 420 den.
collection of singles/splits/compilations, linear notes, very cool
NOOTHGRUSH - s/t (FUCK YOGA) - 7e, 420 den.
NUIT NOIRE - "fantomatic plenitude" (ARMAGEDDON) - 6e, 360 den.
freaky black punk about faries, reminding me of RUDIMENTARY PENI
"The first half includes nine of the latest recordings from the French eccentric genius Tenebras! Recorded February-July 2007. Guitars sound as ethereal as they ever did, Emile joins on vocals as on Infantile Espieglery. The second half of the CD is a live recording from June 16, 2006 - Tapette Fest. It was a great recording anyway but has been mixed and mastered for this release! Nine tracks taken from Lunar Deflagration, Furibond Elegance EP and some older titles like Nightwind and of course Lutina!! Featuring Nicoblast on drums."
NUNSLAUGHTER - "hell's unholy fire" 2xCD (HELLS HEADBANGERS) - 11e, 666 den.
raw devil metal
NUNSLAUGHTER - "grehi otca" (PESTIS INSANIAE) - 7e, 420 den.
OAKHELM - "betwixt & between" (FOREST MOON SPECIAL) - 6e, 360 den.
"Ex-Fall of the Bastards and Assuck members in one of the best albums of 2007. Raw, yet very clean produced (and may I mention totally tight) viking metal"
This CDEP features a new, exclusive song each from New York tech/prog metal wizards BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS and shred meltdown duo ORTHRELM, overdosing the listener on spastic complexity and insane instrumental prowess that will liquify your grey matter. Adorned in eye-blazing original artwork from VOIVOD's Away.
Here's a review of the ORTHRELM/BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS split CDEP from Decibel Magazine:
"There’s something inherently destructive and careless in music like this. Both Behold… the Arctopus and Orthrelm stake their reputations on disciplined improvisation, but the work itself necessitates auto-destructive imperatives. Their elusive, dizzying sound evokes Zorn’s work with Painkiller and Masada and is equally reminiscent of Coltrane’s abandonment first of bebop, then the matrix he developed with Giant Steps before venturing outward into the spiritual impossibilities of modal jazz. Behold’s “PAINcave” begins a dialogue between guitar and drums that culminates in a regurgitation of what’s just been digested. Unlike Orthrelm, their use of viscous sounds lubricates and combusts, taking a circuitous route through dialogical syncopation, call and response, and load noise intensity. Like Zorn’s work, it’s moody and agitated, at once brooding and decisive, storming and wailing with purpose between chromatic tantrums. Conversely, Orthrelm’s “Pithot 1” abbreviates their 2005 ode to concentration, OV. A series of profound declensions and cartoonish riffs, it scrawls a Mike Patton caricature, then burns it in effigy. As much a song as a trigonometry lesson, Orthrelm’s guitars and drums chase a parabolic rollercoaster, cascading down asymptotic peaks with fearless elegance. Orthrelm draw a smiley face on repetition, the hallmark of nightmare logic allowing cat and mouse to lose meaning only to become a chicken or egg proposition in which the cat’s left chasing its tail. Each generation is more distorted, violent, and funny: as Tweety is to Sylvester and as Tom is to Jerry is to Itchy is to Scratchy ad infinitum; or as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? playwright Edward Albee once put it, “Good, better, best, bested.”
ORTHRELM - "ov" (IPECAC) - 7e, 420 den.
"4th album from California's premier free-metal power duo. Their music is an infectious blur of breakneck drumming and rapid guitar interplay, continuously inventive and exceptionally impressive. Mick Barr has achieved cult status as one of the best guitar players anywhere! For Fans Of Cromtech, Flying Luttenbachers, The Locust, Supersystem, Cattle Decapitation, Lightning Bolt, and Hella. On Mike Patton's Ipecac imprint."
PAGANUS - s/t (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
crushing doom
PAGAPU - "seven days of storm" - 6.5e, 400 den.
peruvian pagan death metal
PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING - "made to be broken" (CIVILIZATION) 5e, 300 den.
Desperate and dark noisy hardcore with hints to bands such as His Hero Is Gone and Zeroid but with their very own unique touch. A three-piece power-loaded and ready to kill yours ears! CD comes in a cool DVD box
PHOBIA "cruel" (WILLOWTIP) - 8e, 500 den.
punk grind
PHOBIA - "get up and kill" (OBSCENE) - 5e, 300 den.
PHOBIA - "grind your fucking head in" (OBSCENE) - 5e, 300 den.
PHOENIX BODIES - "too much information" CD+DVD (SHOVE) - 5e, 300 den.
PICK YOUR SIDE - s/t (RSR) - 7.5e, 450 den.
brutal hardcore, HAYMAKER/LEFT FOR DEAD people
POTOP - "channels" (IRON PIG) - 5e, 300 den.
"Potop's debut album is also one of the first releases from the newly-minted Iron Pig Records, a new offshoot label of Aurora Borealis. As far as I understand it, Iron Pig is for all of the stuff that is too ugly and mangy to be released on Aurora Borealis. Really...if you consider that AB is the home to the crossover skum-metal of Villains, the Lovecraftian ultradoom of Moss, and the skeletal backwoods black-folk dirges of Wolfmangler, then what the fuck kind of ugliness is going to have to be relegated to the cellar pit of Iron Pig?
I present to you...Potop.
Jesus. This shit is so negative, so anguished, it sounds like what Eyehategod might sound like if their singer actually had a full blown nervous breakdown in the middle of their set. The band hails from Macedonia, and it turns out that one of the members is our buddy Ivan who runs Fuck Yoga Records, one of the few Macedonian underground metal labels and home to some killer releases from Iron Lung, Elodea, and The Endless Blockade. That love of power violence is in full effect with Potop, and the band channels the slowest, ugliest sludge possible into narcotized dirges splattered with sickening feedback that drones on and on and on, twisted slow motion riffs, pounding glacial drums, occasionally blasting into short bursts of noisy, unstructured grind. But it's the vocals, that intense, tortured wailing and shrieking, a high pitched bloodflecked scream that oozes fear and horror and despair...it's the vocalsn that elevate Potop's extreme sludge to another level of seismic intensity, and I'd almost compare 'em to the idiosyncratic suicidal shrieks of Silencer. Think Burning Witch, Crossed Out, Eyehategod, Despise You, but more vile." CRUCIAL BLAST
PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER - "ultimate whirlwind of incineration" (BLASTASFUK) - 7.5e, 450 den.
american thrashing grindcore
PROFETUS - "...to open the passages in dusk" (WEIRD TRUTH) - 8e, 500 den.
finish funeral doom ala SKEPTICISM
PROLETAR - "back to hatevolution" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 3e, 200 den.
PSYCHO - "the grind years" (SELFMADEGOD) - 7.5e, 450 den.
collection of the grind phase from their discography
PSYOPUS - "ideas of reference" (REFLECTIONS) - 7e, 420 den.
PTAO - "4ka" 3xCD (KAZ)
PUKELIZATION - "storm of resurrection" (OBLITERATION) - 7e, 420 den.
brutal death metal from japan
PULLING TEETH - "vicious skin" (A389) - 8e, 500 den.
hardcore/metal from the INTEGRITY/LEFT FOR DEAD school
PUTRESCENCE - "mangled, hollowed out, and vomit filled" (NO ESCAPE) - 7e, 420 den.
Debut release from these canadian heavyweights! Massively low-end barbaric grindcore with a totally old school raw death metal vibe. ex- Swallowing Shit/head Hits Concrete vocalist
QUATTRO STAGIONI - discography (RSR) - 7.5e, 450 den.
hyperfast music, 58 songs
RAPE-X - "false" (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
brutal power electronics
REDRIGHTHAND - "they sang and chanted..." (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
demented doom
REGURGITATE - "hatefilled vengeance" (RELAPSE) - 7e, 420 den.
RESIST AND EXIST - "music for social change" (ESTAJANOVISIMO) - 5e, 300 den.
This is the EP´s of Resist and Exist, never put out in a CD, + 5 bonus tracks from their two demo tapes of 1991 and 1992.
RESISTANT CULTURE - "welcome to reality" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 7e, 420 den.
RETALIATION - "the execution" (HEADFUCKER) - 7e, 420 den.
ROSKOPP - "mutation voodoo deformity or disease" (BLASTASFUK) - 7e, 420 den.
inhuman grinding, very nice
pissed off scum punk
S.A.T.A.N. - "unfinished chapter..." (ZARAZA) - 4e, 250 den.
Grinding thrash violence punk as hell like mix of DISCORDANCE AXIS, ANTICHRIST, DYSTOPIA, RORSCHACH, IRON LUNG & ARTIMUS PYLE
SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS - "disgrace to music" 2xCD (SELFMADEGOD) - 12e, 700 den.
complete discography, UK thrash/punk/noisecore
grindcore 3way, good stuff
SAMUS - "desengano" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
Desengano is a surreal landscape of mutated sludge freakery comprised of lumbering sludge riffs that contort into tape/turntable manipulations amidst melodious keyboards and sustained guitar tones/drones. Ranging from the crushing droning doom-laden EARTH-esque guitar thud of "The Happy Sultan", and the bountiful melodies that playfully flow under the sugary electronica and plunderphonic jazz of "Super Orthopedic Caravan", to the expansive Ennio Morricone-influenced slide guitar ambience found in "Who's Pumping Estrada" and the wall reverbating drones and tape oscillating backwash that drifts into the no-wave dissonance of "Bone Ape Tit", SAMUS create a cohesive, multi dimensional soundtrack comprised of crushing Corrupted/Eyehategod style sludge, Tape Beatles style plunderphonics/sound collage, and opium-den cartoon soundtracks.
SECRETS OF THE MOON - "antithesis" (AJNA) - 7e, 400 den.
occult black metal, think SATYRICON/CELTIC FROST
SETE STAR SEPT - "all is wrong" 3" CD (SSS records) - 6e, 360 den.
1 17 minute noise/grind song
SETE STAR SEPT - "morbid garden" (LOST RIVER) - 5e, 300 den.
japanese grindcore masters
SETE STAR SEPT - "tape collection 2012" (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 7e, 420 den.
collection of tapes
SETE STAR SEPT - "vinyl collection 2010-2012" (FUCK YOGA) - 7e, 400 den.
this is a very sick CD
SETE STAR SEPT - "revision of noise" (FUCK YOGA) - 5e, 300 den.
SETE STAR SEPT - "sacrifice" jewel case / digipack (FUCK YOGA) - 7e/8e, 400/500 den.
japanese premium noise grind
SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP - "opium morals" (A389) - 8e, 500 den.
american sludgy hardcore
SEVERE TORTURE - "misanthropic carnage" - 8e, 500 den.
SEWN SHUT - "re-discovering the dead" (SELFMADEGOD) - 5e, 300 den.
The CD compiles 29 songs from all vinyl splits with Squash Bowels, Embalming Theatre, Ulcerrhoea, Mind Collage, Man In Shackles and three additional tracks taken from Polar Grinder LP. 27 minutes of heavy, ripping and ferocious Scandinavian grindcore madness with dual low/high vocals, breakdowns, non-complex metal guitar riffs, crisp and clean drums, and simply straight on hardcore brutality!
SCHIFOSI - "absentium existence" (THRASH STEADY SYNDICATE) - 5e, 300 den.
Absentium Existence picks up where "ill winds from outopia" and "half lit world" left off and carries on their legacy of brutal epic melodic crust. Their best effort so far in songwriting and production. These songs hauntingly linger long after listening. For the uninformed, SCHIFOSI are from Australia and plays broodingly dark heavy hardcore with female vocals. From the first tortured drum beat this will have you grooving and dancing whilst crying about the demise of mother earth. Totally morose lyrics completing the dark music. An excruciating aural pummeling to complement the coming apocalypse.
SIDUS TENEBRARUM - "born from the dark rib" (SUFFERING JESUS) - 7e, 420 den.
SKELETAL SPECTRE - "occult spawned premonitions" (SELFMADEGOD) - 7.5e, 450 den.
ghastly death doom with female vocals
SLANG - "humanistic disorder" 3" (KAZ) - 4e, 250 den.
sweet japanese hardcore punk along the lines of GAUZE
SLOTH - "a whole other world..." (AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE) - 7e, 420 den.
SONIC FLOWER - s/t (EMETIC) - 7e, 420 den.
CHURCH OF MISERY project, psychedelic groovy doom
SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA - "an ocean without water" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
SS "south american slaughter" (NECRONAUSEA) - 10e, 600 den.
first evil thrash metal from Venezuela since '83, discography
STORMCROW - "enslaved in darkness" (SELFMADEGOD) - 7.5e, 450 den.
heavy crust metal from the school of AXEGRINDER, BOLT THROWER
STR2 - "ne zaboravaj" (BLASHYRKH) - 5e, 300 den.
STRIBORG - "autumnal melancholy" (DISPLEASED) - 8e, 500 den.
powerful, deep black metal
STRIBORG - "ghostwoodlands" (DISPLEASED) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
STRIBORG - "southwest passage" (DISPLEASED) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
STRIBORG - "spiritual catharsis" (DISPLEASED) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
STRIBORG - "the foreboding silence" (DISPLEASED) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
SU19B - discography (RSR) - 7e, 420 den.
One of the heaviest of the Japanese grind legions, combining ultra slow sludgecore with brutal powerviolence into miniature blast/crawl violations that are mapped out in their entirety on this complete discography disc that was recently released by the German grind label R.S.R.. Su19b rose from the ashes of Final Exit, who for a short while were the Japanese response to the freeform noisecore of bands like 7 Minutes Of Nausea and Anal Cunt. Instead of playing five-second blasts of formless grindnoise though, Su19b pretty much went in the opposite direction, and came up with a brutal concoction of highspeed thrash and extremely slow and monstrous doom/sludge riffs, dropping huge downtuned powerchords like bombstrikes over sparse percussive explosions, chords drifting off into sickening feedback and long pregnant pauses between notes, then suddenly erupting into blastbeat driven powerviolence. The label compares 'em to a cross between Corrupted and Crossed Out and that's pretty much right on the nose, with a vocalist who spews gut-churning, totally unintelligible growls and interludes of creepy audio samples or dark electronic drones appearing in between the blasts of grueling blast n' creep. It's intense stuff for sure. This discography collects everything that Su19b has released since their formation in the late '90s, a colossal 42 tracks of subsonic heaviness that includes their compilation tracks, the self-titled 7" on Blurred, unreleased studio tracks from an aborted split 7" with No Fiction, their sides from the split 7"s with Jenny Piccolo and Pignation, more unreleased jams from a cancelled 3" CD release, and their 1997 demo cassette. The full color booklet folds out to display track info, flyer art, cover art from all of their releases, and more.
SU19B/ DISROTTED split (OBLITERATION) - 8e, 500 den.
Japan VS USA, underground fucked up doom
SU19B/ DOT[.] - split (RSR) - 7.5e, 450 den.
grinding doom, 90's style
SUPPRESSION - "discography" (RSR) - 7e, 420 den.
SUICIDE BLITZ - "ride the steel" (HATE) - 5e, 300 den.
SUNN O))) - "black one" (SOUTHERN LORD) - 10e, 600 den.
dark arts masterpiece
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND "blue rabbit" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 8e, 500 den.
SYSTRAL - "black smoker" (CHROME SAINT MAGNUS) - 7e, 420 den.
TANTRUM - "the frontier bursts into view" - 6e, 360 den.
TEETH OF THE HYDRA - "greenland" (TEEPEE) - 6e, 360 den.
"Debut CD from this Columbus, OH three piece. Eight tracks of blistering metal in the vein of Mastodon, Early Man and High on Fire. Produced by Sanford Parker at Volume Recordings (Pelican, Minsk)."
THE END - "transfer..." (RELAPSE) - 7e, 420 den.
THE KILL - "make 'em suffer" (BLASTASFUK) - 7e, 400 den.
THE HOAX PROGRAM - "lost songs forgotten melodies" (STORM INSIDE) - 5e, 300 den.
Old-school hardcore band from Ajdovšcina. Former Low punch members
THE HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA - "the politics of irredeemable" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
THE KNELL - "harm" (TOTAL RUST) - 6e, 360 den.
After 9 hard years of existence, the long awaited debut album of the Israeli Doomsters The Knell is finally out! "Harm" has been mastered by Greg Chandler (from Esoteric) and contains 7 tracks for more than 50 minutes of heavy,obscure, thick and beefy Doom/Death Metal. This album is not a tribute for the nineties and the glory days of the genre, but a proof that Doom/Death is still kicking in the twenty first century and even more relevant than ever.
THE NOW-DENIAL - "viva viva threatening" (SABOTAGE) - 5e, 300 den. 
rocking hardcore punk
THE RED CHORD - "fused together in revolving doors" (ROBOTIC EMPIRE) - 5e, 300 den. 
The jaw-dropping first release from Boston's newest kings of extreme music. Spanning all facets of death metal, hardcore and grind, The Red Chord play a radically unique form of heavy music. Masterful experimentation is displayed on this impressive introduction, with tempos ranging from breakneck speed to all out pummeling breakdowns. Plenty of fret board picking, double bass, blasts and sick drum fills to please all the metal heads, along with some of the most brutal mosh parts ever captured on magnetic tape, destined to ignite the pit dwellers into a frenzy. The production on this is beyond top notch, making this the debut to end all debuts.

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