THOU ART LORD "diabolou archaes legeones" (DYING) - 8e, 500 den.
Greek black metal, people from ROTTING CHRIST/NECROMANTIA, including both albums
TERVEET KADET "ihmisen poika..." (KAMASET LEVYT) - 8e, 500 den.
finnish hardcore freaks
TJOLGTJAR - "ikarikitomidun, lord of the forest" (SUFFERING JESUS) - 7e, 420 den.
It's been awhile since we've heard any new stuff from the Reverend J Preston (also of Blood Cult, NES-black metallers Xexyz, and blacknoise terrorizers Enbilulugugal) and his no-fi acid black metal project Tjolgtjar; his last album of new material was Holnijimnjok from last year, which was followed by Midnight Mindtrip, a collection of various compilation tracks and out of print songs. I had even heard rumours that The Reverend was going to retire the Tjolgtjar name, but thankfully that doesn't appear to be the case - here we've got a brand new album, Ikarikitomidun Lord of The Forest, with more of Tjolgtjar's brilliant outsider black metal and weird occult philosophy. As with his previous albums, The Reverend delivers a weird style of primitive black metal mixed with 70's guitar rock, like Venom and Darkthrone crossed with Ted Nugent and Mountain. Yeah, it sounds like a strange mix that might not work, but Tjolgtjar's vision is so focused (and the guitar playing is so fuckin tight) that it totally works, a bizarre, drug-addled black metal acid trip with blazing basement-grade black metal riffs and clattering blastbeats combining with bluesy boogie riffs and wah-wah overdrive. Tjolgtjar are one of the more eccentric bands in the American black metal underground, but this stuff isn't played for laughs, even as ridiculous as some of the music can sound (just wait till the fiery Nuge style extended soloing kicks in, or when the buzzing black metal suddenly drops into a stomping "Cat Scratch Fever" style boogie), and the bizarre world of Tjolgtjarian religion and mythology that The Reverend has created for the setting of his music pushes this even further out into left field. Imagine Sigh circa Imaginary Sonicscape but much more demented and low-fi, with idiosyncratic vocals that go from ultra-high-pitched shrieks to absurd King Diamond style falsettos and liturgical chanting. The brain-damaged outsider black metal of Furze is another reference point. If you liked Tjolgtjar's other albums, this delivers more of that fucked up, feral 70's hard rock-black metal weirdness, and includes a cover of "Free Flight" from Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes. Awesome satanic artwork in the booklet too, someone needs to make that into a poster or shirt immediately! Recommended!
TORT - s/t (TOTAL RUST) - 7e, 420 den.
TREES - "freed of this flesh" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
TREES - "lights bane" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 7e, 420 den.
TRENCHER/ LOA LOA - split (OSK) - 5e, 300 den.
Trencher from London, England and Loa Loa from Moscow, Russia. Guys from Trencher define themselves as “casio- grind”. Chaos mix of guitars, keyboards, drums and screams. Loa Loa have expanded the borders of their insanity and besides their traditional weird songs made a matching spoken-word tracks and a soulful acoustic ballad.
TUMOR - "discography" 4xCD (FOAD) - 20e, 1200 den.
total blastcore mayhem
TROCKI - "bez konca" (MALARIE) - 4e, 250 den.  
Brutal, raw sounding, dirty crust grind from Poland.
ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND - CD + posters (OBLITERATION) - 7.5e, 450 den.
digital version of CIRCLE OF THE GRIND #2,#3, DEATHRASH MAYHEM" #5,#6 + 19 more death/thrash/grind/heavy zines from late 80's to early 90's (AUTOPSY, DISEMBOWELMENT, NAPALM DEATH, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, S.O.B, UNSEEN TERROR...) and two huge collages of metal zine covers, very nice
ULTIMO RAUSEA - "melhen girl meriken boy" (BLOODBATH) - 7e, 420 den.
Kanazawa city Hard Core, ULTIMO RAUSEA's new MCD. 7 tracks of Crazy/Surreal Hard Core Punk!! New recorded 4 tracks in 2008 and 3 tracks taken from their 7"EP "Melhen ep" 2007.
UNDER PRESSURE - "come clean" (YELLOW DOG) - 5e, 300 den.
Well-played, smart hardcore punk that should satisfy purists who like BLACK FLAG and POISON IDEA but also folks who like a wrench thrown in the formula here and there. I was surprised to hear that, musically, a few of the songs on Come Clean were in the vein of “Rejects” EP-era SWIZ from the late 1980s (the song “Suspension”). Probably not consciously. Also, there’s some BLACK SABBATH action going on in songs like “I Explode,” which has an opening right out of Sabbath’s Master of Reality LP; in fact, this song has a very Tony-Iommi-meets-Greg-Ginn quality to it.
UNDERAGE - "entro domani 1981-1983" - 7e, 420 den.
complete discography, 28 tracks including their classic EP originally released by Attack Punk Records (rated as one of the first 10 pure "HC" vinyls that ever came out in Italy) + the 1983 Demo + 10 never heard before tunes (live, radio, reh. and more). Everything remastered through the years under close supervision of the original band members. Napoli Hardcore/Punk at its climax of energy and spontaneity in full early '80s italo-HC shape. Fast, distorted to the bone, exploding in anger. As all the newer E.U.'91 CD's, it comes in a wonderful digi-packaging with unreleased photos and graphix from '80s 'zines/flyers. Simply a must!
UNISON - "ozmot" (HA-KO) - 2.5e, 150 den.
This is mean. Fast became faster, nervous turned into psychedelic and Unison once more confirmed that they are one of the best serbian local bands ever! In this release there is a novelty with the lyrics – the first Unison song in Serbian.
Realized at the start of 2005.
UNISON - "apokalipsa" (HA-KO) - 2.5e, 150 den.
You need to hear it all at once. Fast, nervous with thrash resemblances and ‘apocalyptic’ lyrics. 3 Unison videos are
also on the CD.
UNISON - "resignation speaks: i will be a corpse" (HAKO) - 2.5e, 150 den.
UNISON - "the sum" (HAKO BASTARDS) - 2.5e, 150 den.
Once again, Unison evolves into something new but with their old recognizable style still there. You can feel 'Ozmot and that this evolved after him, but with a great difference. Reminds a bit on 'Resignation..' and maybe even on 'Sunday Neurosis', but again something completely different. As if they have mixed all previous albums and created something more advanced, new and unexpected.
The first song is a little surprising because it has a good dose of metal. The album has variety, a lot of melody parts, even rocker but also Ozmot’s killer fast parts. The beauty of it all is that all that variety has been enclosed by the Unison style, so that it doesn’t strike out! Everything really flows in an interesting manner and when the album ends, you are in a state of 'More!. At least I was. Even though Outro is phenomenal :). Sum: something completely new, grounded on the wide base of the old and what I like best with Unison- whoever likes this kind of music even a little bit, will not remain impartial.
Another thing I like the best with Unison and which I mustn’t leave out: the lyrics. Perfection. As always, they say enough but never all. What I especially liked: 'The Cow'- a text that goes in a circle! Right after it 'Expressions'- text that has only one verse and all the rest is just scattered sounds, of which the verse itself speaks. Inventive and creative.:)
At the end there is a small story too, in tune with the cover (and of course, the text of the same named song), as also with a picture on the CD. Yes, pay attention to the cover, very interesting calculation- one day of work and the time left for ourselves.
UZALA - "tales of blood and fire" (KOTM) - 8e, 500 den.
high quality psychedelic doom, stoughton jacket
VISCERA INFEST - "sarcoidosis" (OBLITERATION) - 7e, 420 den.
"Extreme pathological brutal death/goregrind from Japan, essential for fans of Mex DISGORGE old albums!"
Japan VS Mexico, brutal deathgrind
VITAL REMAINS - "horrors of hell" (CENTURY MEDIA) - 8e, 500 den.
debut 7" + demos
VITAL REMAINS - "icons of evil" (CENTURY MEDIA) - 10e, 600 den.
violent satanic metal
VOIVOD - "target earth" (CENTURY MEDIA) - 10e, 600 den.
last album, proggy thrashing
VULGA - "mayhem with mercy" - 7e, 420 den.
killer primitive freaky black metal
V/A - "asymmetry" (TOTAL RUST) - 5e, 300 den.
An extreme compilation that contains a respectable list of bands from different kinds of slow music styles... In Asymmetry you will find a bunch of talented and promising bands, next to a few bands that you maybe already know (if not,check yourself please) that together bring you a 74 minutes of crawling fucked up and strange kind of journey...!!!
Comes with 12 pages booklet and limited to 750 copies
v/a BLEAURGH (GOATSUCKER) - 10e, 600 den.
v/a "five or more ways to become a serial killer" (GIHT SHASIE, NAPALMED , GRRUTHAAGY, PANDEMLA, ELECTROCUTIONERDZ, KARMAKUMULATOR) (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 2e, 150 den.
v/a GRIND BASTARDS #2 (GRIND FREAKS) - 7e, 420 den.
v/a GRIND BASTARDS #3 (GRIND FREAKS) - 7e, 420 den.
The third entry in the ongoing Grind Bastards series of Japanese grindcore compilations is here, and fans of the previous installments will find just as much brutal underground blast violence to sink their teeth into as before. One thing you can always count on with these compilations is that even the more straightforward bands are still going to shred in a big way, 'cuz nobody grinds quite like the Japanese. And we get loads of it on here, as well as a couple of left-field entries that keep you on yer toes as you navigate your way through these twenty-six chunks of hyperspeed chaos.
There's the wickedly rickety and noise-riddled grindpunk of Little Bastards, who deliver two songs with one of the weirdest snare drum sounds ever on the song "Killed By Justice", and the furious death metal tinged Napalm Death-worship of Magnicide. Then comes the mighty Mortalized, who you might remember for contributing the best song on the last Grind Bastards they deliver another two tracks of their warped Discordance Axis-esque grind, not as melodic as their last appearance, but still very fucking cool and with some really oddball guitar sounds. Butcher ABC (who feature members of C-Blast faves C.S.S.O. !) follow 'em with two new songs of low-fi, gruesome and seriously ROCKING garage-grind, and then Cortecuellos come in with a cover of Anal Cunt's "Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore". Brob do the gutteral old-school grind thing with tons of energy, crushing riffage and some choice D-beat drumming, and Fortitude tear through a ferocious minute and a half blast of noise-damaged blurr called "Ptomaine Poisoning", followed by Bleeding Humanity, who delivers three tracks of punky old-school grind a la S.O.B. and Napalm Death.
It's been awhile since I've heard anything new from D.I.E., whose insane mix of hyperfast thrashcore and pure Merzbowian noise is always invigorating; they offer up two new ones here, "Aberchus" and "Overheat Mountain" for a total of two and a half minutes of brain-melting blurr. Kutsujoku are a new name to me, but their epic grind is some of the cathciest on here, with some traditional heavy metal elements peeking through their buzzing distorto blast. Deadly Spawn serve up the comp's longest track, the almost five minute "Omnipotence Is Impotence" that adds some proggy guitar noodling and complexity to their otherwise barbaric grind, and Zagio Evha Dilegj contributes the comp's most insane vocal performance with their singer's impersonation of a Hoover vacuum over their complex chaotic blasting. Though maybe that award should go to Takaho from Unholy Grave; their "Cruel Terror" closes this out with another one of their instantly catchy and punky grind anthems, with Takaho's wonky Jello Biafra-in-a-wind-tunnel delivery cranking up the weirdometer as we hit the door.
As with the first two discs in this series, there's always one band that stands out from the rest with a style that's so weird and freaked out that they instantly become my new favorite grind band. In this case, though, the band in question can't even be described as grind, or even metal, for fuck's sake. Manchild comes out of nowhere right in the middle of the disc with "Ghoul Gurumand", a pulsating old-school industrial number, and follows that up with a pummeling industrial remix of Unholy Grave's "Broken In Pieces", complete with blasts of gabba drum programming and sheets of noise. Ever wonder what Unholy Grave would sound like after being run through Wax Trax? Here's your answer.
Like the rest of the series, the disc comes in a large foldout sleeve with band info and artwork.
v/a GRIND BASTARDS #6 (GRIND FREAKS) - 7e, 420 den.
v/a GRIND BASTARDS #10 (GRIND FREAKS) - 8e, 500 den.
v/a SLIMEWAVE (RELAPSE) - 8e, 500 den.
v/a SMALL DOSES (DIY CONSPIRACY) - 5e, 300 den.
WACO FUCK - "paranoia is total awareness" (LIFE IS A RAPE) - 7e, 420 den.
WADGE - "double-take hawai'ian style" (RSR) - 7.5e, 450 den.
grindcore/death/noise, very nice
WADGE - "the road to hana" (RSR) - 7.5e, 450 den.
read above
WAR MASTER "blood dawn/pyramid of the necropolis" (OBLITERATION) - 8e, 500 den.
WATCHMAKER - "erased from the memory of man" (WILLOWTIP) - 7e, 420 den.
WATCHMAKER - "kill fucking everyone" (WILLOWTIP) - 7e, 420 den.
WEHRMACHT - "biermacht + bonus" (FOAD) - 8e, 500 den.
80's thrashcore/crossover assault
WEHRMACHT - "shark attack + bonus" (FOAD) - 8e, 500 den.
read above
WHITE EYES - "beastmode" (BLASTASFUK) - 7e, 420 den.
intense, cold grind for fans of DISCORDANCE AXIS
WINTERS IN OSAKA/ ALTHAWRA - collaboration 4e, 250 den.
WITCH HUNT - "blood red states" (FFYM) - 5e, 300 den.
"Ten anger-packed tracks, each taking a stab at the current repressive social and political climate. Musically they build on their previous sound, combining elements of traditional anarcho punk with more modern crust, and male/female vocals. The most noticable difference is the much more powerful sound, likened to TRAGEDY and FROM ASHES RISE"
WOJCZECH - "pulsus letalis" (SELFMADEGOD) - 6.5e, 400 den.
high octane blasting
WOLD - "badb" (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 8e, 500 den.
WOLFE - s/t (FIRE OF FIRE) - 7e, 400 den.
raw, chaotic black metal
WOLVSERPENT - "gathering strengths/ blood seed" 2xCD (CRUCIAL BLAST) - 12e, 700 den.
YOG SOTHOTH "demo & rehearsal '88" (BULLA EXTREME/ IMPULSO RUIN) - 8e, 500 den.
Peruvian noisecore sickness
ZEROID - "2004" (UNSOCIABLE) - 4e, 250 den.
crushing metalic hardcore ala HHIG/DAMAD, one of europe's best kept secrets

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