11 december 2007

- i figured out how to set up a mailing list, so feel free to subscribe.

05 december 2007

- the IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 12" and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 7" are done. they are stocked in germany, at my friend lars/ REACT WITH PROTEST, who helped me out a ton with this one. they are not ready for orders though, since i have the covers at my place. we'll figure out how to put them together these days. i am computer-dumb, so if you can help me out with setting up a mailing list, you will receive e-mail notifications when they're done, meaning a chance to order limited version.

14 november 2007

- the shirts are here and ready to be shipped. available in S, M, L, XL (i think i did a few XXL too), but ask for availability before ordering to make sure i still have it.

01 november 2007

- i'll be doing 50 each of the following designs for DESPISE YOU and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE:

kid sniffing glue + gun, black ink on white shirt

shoko asahara, silver ink on black shirt

if you want really small/ big shirts- let me know, and i might get you one if you get in touch before i send them off to the printing place. they will be done next week, so don't order yet.
one shirt including shipping to anywhere in the world + paypal fees would be 12.5 euros / 18$. order with friends and save some cash on shipping- 2 shirts ppd are 22 euros/ 32$.
check the distro, i offer 10 cds for 55 euros including shipping,. free stuff with decent sized orders, etc. the more you buy- the less you pay, oh my!
-more DESPISE YOU related news to follow

01 october 2007

-the site is somewhat functional, still under construction though.
-masters for the IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - "broadcast negativity" 12" and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 7" have been mailed to the pressing plant, meaning it should be out soon, since the covers are already printed. crushing, raw, and negative hardcore all the way. the split 12" will be one time pressing of 330 copies, with silk screened + stenciled covers, while the 7" is limited to 500 copies. both releases will have "special" packaging, available only through me and the bands. trades will be very few to none, because of high production costs, and because distro is moving crazy slow due to me living in macedonia. if you want to buy anything, i'm willing to cut down sweet deals.
-DAZD/ ORDER OF THE VULTURE split 7" has been postponed until OotV record some new songs. ugly punk metal along the lines of HELLHAMMER, AMEBIX, GISM, DEVIATED INSTINCT...
-the MOSS 7" is titled "sewer monolith" and will be pressed in quantity of 1000 on heavy, black vinyl.
-i am still looking for people who are willing to write for a zine that will accompany a compilation 12" with lots of ugly hardcore bands. i want to make it a group effort, so get in touch!

12 august 2007

- changing servers, working on a new website.
- the planned MOSS/ DISCLOSE 7" is apperantly going to be a full MOSS 7", dedicated to Kawakami-san. the B side of the record is going to be recorded this winter during their session for the new album. the EP is supposed to be out early next year.
- it looks like i'll be finaly sending the IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 12", THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 7" and DAZD/ ORDER OF THE VULTURE 7" to the pressing plant. i'm sorry about the delay, but i had some trouble with communication through the pressing plant, and the summer slowed me down a lot.

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