08 december 2011

- A box of clear, limited copies of the NOOTHGRUSH LP have been lost in transit and will be delivered to me on 25th December. There might be some copies with the backpatch as well. Those that have expressed interest in these are marked down and will be noted upon arrival of the records, you can get on the list with sending an e-mail.
- For more updates related to FUCK YOGA activities, a facebook page has been created.

04 october 2011

- The clear version with the backpatch is sold out- i have yet to reply to everyone that wrote me about it. I'm processing all the orders by myself, so allow a few days for a reply.

03 october 2011

- With great honor I am presenting you a very special record; the NOOTHGRUSH selftitled album.

Crusty torturous doom, truly refined in it's execution. Unlike the later releases that defined the sludge genre, this album is leaning more towards the psychedelic side with clean, depressing vocals in symbiosis with noise and moog synths- existing on the territory between WINTER and HAWKWIND.
NOOTHGRUSH have recorded these songs shortly after the band was conceived in 1994 and were released only on a handful of cassettes. None of them appear on any other release except a rearranged version of one song. The cover artwork is envisioned and materialized as kind courtesy of Jason Barnett.
This record contains 4 songs on side A and 1 song on side B with the total running time of 44 minutes. Here you can listen to "dungeon"

NOOTHGRUSH - 03 - dungeon by neveranswerthephone

And here is the pressing info:

- 50 clear vinyl with foil-stamped logo and embroided backpatch
(18 euros)
- 100 clear vinyl
(11 euros)
- 350 black vinyl
(10 euros)
- 500 cds, 50 come with a smaller embroided patch.
(7 and 10 euros)

I have also printed shirts, they cost 10 euros each and come in all sizes.

Shipping one LP costs 4.5 euros, up to 3 copies- 7 euros, up to 6 copies- 9 euros. Shipping one CD/shirt costs 4.5 euros. Prices are worldwide priority airmail, click here to calculate shipping on multiple items or e-mail me to do the math for you.
I deal wholesale directly.
Lastly, I have updated the distro with many new items, you might want to check it out.

01 october 2011

- Back from the SETE STAR SEPT tour, gratitude to the parties involved.

- Finishing a sizeable distro update and then i can announce the release of the NOOTHGRUSH LP/CD on October 3rd (Monday).

01 september 2011


- I will announce the release of the NOOTHGRUSH LP/CD upon my return from this tour, end of September.

09 july 2011

- Beware when dealing with CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA records (Germany). He owes me 25 lps and has been ignoring my attempts to reach him for 6 months.

06 june 2011

18 may 2011

- SETE STAR SEPT (Japan) is coming to Germany/Belgium/Netherlands from September 17-25. Get in touch if you can or know someone who could set up a show for them.

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