25 October 2013

As of today you're able to obtain SETE STAR SEPT's modern classic "sacrifice" packaged in a digipack edition with obi strip through FUCK YOGA. It costs 8e/10$.

17 August 2013

- With great pleasure I announce the reissue of two Colombian records.
They are very important in substance, as in a cultural context; them representing a one-off interpretation of real underground music shaped by overt violence, poverty and death. Both HERPES and ATAQUE DE SONIDO were contemporaries in the city of Medellin during the late '80s and early '90s, and also members of PARABELLUM, IMAGEN, REENCARNACION- some still playing in ORGANISMOS.

Extreme hardcore punk. Aggressive and real. Barbaric clutch of politics against meek life.

FY#43 HERPES - "medellin" 7"
Raw and fucked up death/noise metal. Trance-like and violent. A hermetic composition of gaping chaos and contrived unease.

Pressing of 400 copies on black and 100 copies on clear vinyl, available only through mailorder and the bands. Few clear copies with smoke and warped labels. 5 euros each.

FY#44/#45 SETE STAR SEPT - "sacrifice" LP/CD
The second album of SETE STAR SEPT is a rapturous evidence of the non-preventable evolution of noise. It is elusive to the shape of grindcore, yet profoundly rooted in its motive. Upgrading the inhuman technical performance and exploiting spiritual sickness, SETE STAR SEPT have recorded an album that while having little reference to traditional form, represents an undisputed masterpiece of extreme music. Grinding noise of the highest order for the mentally bankrupt.

Pressing of 400 copies on black and 100 copies on yellow vinyl, available only through mailorder. LP is 10 euros, CD is 7 euros. Ask for free European tour posters.

FY#23 DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" LP repress also out now. The staple 90's hardcore record reissued in a gatefold cover, limited to 400 copies on black and 100 copies on white vinyl, available only through mailorder. 11 euros each.

Very limited quantity (10-30) of the following shirts and patches are available:

-HERPES, ATAQUE DE SONIDO and SETE STAR SEPT - "sacrifice" shirts are 11 euros each. SETE STAR SEPT - "visceral tavern" shirt is 14 euros. Patches are 4 euros each.

Please note the very affordable airmail costs from Macedonia to anywhere in the world:

UP TO 250 GR = 4.5 EUROS
250 - 500 GR.= 5.5 EUROS
500 - 1000 GR.= 7 EUROS
1000 - 2000 GR.= 9 EUROS

For mailorder/wholesale, write to neveranswerthephone@gmail.com

16 June 2013

- It's been very intense time here, but the fruits of labor are getting ripe. I have a van now and the first tour is coming through Europe in a few weeks.
- SETE STAR SEPT (Japan) are coming over again. Catch them on the dates below, you freaks. There will be a new LP/CD titled "Sacrifice" coming out on FUCK YOGA.
- DESPISE YOU (USA) is making their debut European appearance in the same period. "West Side Horizons" LP will be available on their shows, through me after the tour.
- And same goes for the HERPES "medellin" 7" and ATAQUE DE SONIDO 7"- everything will be put up for sale upon my return from this tour at the end of July/ early August. For all, color vinyl limited to 100 available through bands and mailorder only. To get e-mail notification on availability- sign up here.

31 march 2013

- CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA has ripped me off for 10 x NOOTHGRUSH LPs and 30 x NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION split 5". Fuck off Steven, you lying cunt! (he paid eventually)

07 februrary 2013

- FY#41 DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" CD
62 songs of hateful death core from the streets of Inglewood, California. Bleak, cruel and relentless in execution, this is a precious testament of urban decay and violence written during the mid-90's.
The collection includes the unreleased split LP with MAN IS THE BASTARD, split EPs with STAPLED SHUT, SUPPRESSION and CROM, "pcp scapegoat" EP and compilation tracks, with a total of 44 minutes.

40 copies come with a patch.

Download "high and defensless", "culpa mia" and "been lead".

The CD costs 7 euros; patch included- 10 euros.
Worldwide shipping is 4.5 euros.

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