24 december 2009

-So much time and effort was put so i could make the following update, happy to finally have these out:

FY#27//29 DAZD - s/t LP//CD
-Existing in different shapes, DAZD (Belgrade, Serbia) have been crafting their rituals under the sign of libertarian mystic forces for almost 15 years.
A product of alchemy; ingredients included are earth power, surrealism, horror, crusty thrash and heavy doom not unlike AMEBIX, PENTAGRAM, GISM and HELLHAMMER.
You can download "Bukte mi rane krvlju zapadnog sunca" here and "Nuklearni vetar" here.
Artwork courtesy of Jason Barnett.
Vinyl limited to 400 black and 100 white copies. The CD version contains one extra song. I also made some embroided patches.
The vinyl version is co-released with KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS and GASMASK.
The LP costs 10 euros, the CD is 5 euros, the patch is 3.5 euros.

FY#25 MOSS - "eternal return" 12" EP
-Oppressive, primitive heavy metal- this is a hypnotic ode to the endless serpent.

pressing info:
- 500 black
- 350 white
- 150 clear

All copies come with HEAVY screened covers, big poster, insert, die-cut snake strip and a spine card. Clear copies have printed B side, embroided patch and a second cover sealed with an ouroboros seal. Co-released with my dear friend Kunal who does SUPERFI RECORDS.
Black and white copies cost 10 euros, the clear one is 17 euros.

I reprinted the MOSS "goat" shirts- artwork courtesy of Andrew Labanaris. They are available in black shirts with red/ yellow/ purple and white shirts with black print, sizes M through XXL.
The shirts are 8.5 euros, except XXL which 9.5.

FY#26 V/A FREAK POWER 12" + zine
-An international compilation featuring extreme hardcore/ grind/ noise bands. All songs are unreleased. Bands featured are:

BURMESE (supreme punishing noise), APARTMENT 213 (cult hateful hardcore), JUDAS (frantic metallic hardcore), BRAIN DEAD (heavy fast/slow hardcore), BUD JUNKEES (scummy stoner trash), SENATA FOX (fast scandi trash), MONSTERS OF POT (melted minds), WADGE (freaky hawaii-themed grindcore), SETE STAR SEPT (bizarre grindcore), WARFAIR? (crusty wargrind), ATENTAT NA SLUH (animalistic noisecore), NIHILIST COMMANDO (harsh noisecore), CRIME DESIRE (uplifting occult hardcore), HATRED SURGE (very aggressive hardcore, shaun/ COLD SWEAT on vocals), IRON LUNG (ultra violent hardcore), POTOP (BIG BLACK/ SWANS medley), MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST (mutant hardcore), DE NOVISSIMIS (cathartic sludge/ grind).

The zine has interviews with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, APARTMENT 213, BURMESE and SETE STAR SEPT + horror movie talk by Colin M. Tappe (CRIME DESIRE/ LIFE IS A RAPE) and an in-depth analysis of IN A GLASS CAGE. 36 pages, add-free.
There are 400 black and 100 red copies and cost 10 euros.

Calculate shipping here or ask me to do the math for you.

20 july 2009

FY#28 ATENTAT NA SLUH - "nostalgija" 3"EP out now!

this is ultra violent noisecore from belgrade, serbia. tainted thrashy guitars, intense primitive drumming and bestial vocals in the back offering a bizarre, nightmarish trip. 5 songs in 2 minutes, for fans of SEKUNDA, BRIGADO ODIO, KUOLEMA, PSYCHO SIN.
you can download "момци пуне мржње //momci pune mrznje" here
pressing info:
-25 black
-5 clear
the record costs 20 euros. add 5 more for airmail shipping to anywhere and paypal fees.
-for the europeans (minus UK)- i plan on traveling freestyle early next year, so if you could forward me to a place to crash (squats, community centers, floors), or even better- something (anything) to work for a short time- please get in touch.

11 july 2009

- new MOSS shirts available (click for larger image)

i printed a total of 50 shirts- 10 of each color variation in S, M, L, a few XL and a couple of XXL.
they cost 8.5 euros each, except the fluorescent print (white on black shirt) which is 9.5 euros. priority airmail shipping to anywhere in the world is 4.5 euros for up to two shirts.

25 june 2009

- FUCK YOGA noisecore special; for fans of SEKUNDA, BRIGADO ODIO, KUOLEMA, OLHO SECO and fucked up punk noise. the band and audio samples will be revealed when i have the release in my hands. the record is currently in works and should be out by mid july. it will be a 3" vinyl (not acetate/ lathe cut) record limited to 30 copies.

11 june 2009

- the masters for the following records have been mailed to the pressing plant today:

DAZD (ДАЖД) - s/t LP
MOSS - "eternal return" 12"
v/a FREAK POWER 12" + zine

both DAZD and MOSS have uploaded audio previews on their pages. more info on the records soon.
- a new band that you should check out if you are into ugly hardcore is OD VRATOT NADOLU. would i go too far if i say they're the best currently active band in their game? no. this is the true underground, total violent alienation from the barbaric wasteland of macedonia.

14 april 2009

-KURSK//DAMAGE DIGITAL split 7" out now!

KURSK (canada) - organic grinding hardcore with elaborate arrangements. a warm and melodic, still amazingly heavy and piercing tone that brings to mind the GORGUTS guitar work comparison, complemented by the established skills of the ex-HEAD HITS CONCRETE skinsman and sarah's painful shouts. KURSK walk the road of genre-bending bands such as VOIVOD and DAMAD, pushing the envelope of extreme hardcore.
DAMAGE DIGITAL (japan) - premium thrashy grindcore, an ultimate reminder of why i got into it- very raw and energetic, following the tradition of their countrymen 324 and DISCORDANCE AXIS in making catchy yet extreme grind. with this record DAMAGE DIGITAL mark their 13th anniversary of representing the finest in the underground grindcore scene.
download KURSK "forced to fly" and DAMAGE DIGITAL "idea bay".
this record runs for 11 minutes, is limited to 500 copies and costs 4 euros. to calculate shipping, click here

27 february 2009

-fixed the t-shirt section in the distro

03 december 2008

-new APARTMENT 213 "hammer" and CHARLES MANSON "lie- the love and terror cult" t-shirts available

the print is really nice and will not fade away, ever. sizes S-XXXL, limited quantity.
they cost 8.5 euros each, priority airmail shipping to anywhere in the world is 4 euros for up to two shirts.
-a new APARTMENT 213 7" coming out next year.
-MOSS are re-recording the vocals for the new 7" by the end of this year

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