10 january 2010

29 december 2010

Today i am releasing two sick albums:

FY#32/33 OD VRATOT NADOLU - "mercury" LP//CD
- Depraved, sad and angry mutant hardcore from Macedonia. OD VRATOT NADOLU have crafted this album with primal urgency, yet delicate skills. The style is unorthodox and focused, the content is violent and state-altering resulting with a morbidly vivid cinematic-like experience. This record would appeal to freaks into "desire for agony", "the aftermath", "laid insignificant".
You can download "Videodrom" and "Seriozen Delirium".
Vinyl is pressed in 400 black and 100 clear copies. The LP costs 10 euros, the CD costs 5 euros. This album is co-released with SUPERFI and INSULIN ADDICTED.

FY#30/31 SETE STAR SEPT - "revision of noise" LP//CD
Avantgarde grinding noise from Japan. Total delirious stream of consciousness grinding, grotesque and uplifting. A 15 minute cathartic blow out for freaks into "feto", "teenass revolt", "sonicrime therapy".
You can download "Deadly Smile" and "Tamed Daily Life".
Vinyl is pressed in 400 black and 100 white copies, there are few marbled ones too. The LP costs 10 euros, the CD costs 5 euros. The vinyl version is co-released with IDONEUM BELLO.
- There are also some SETE STAR SEPT long sleeves (black with silver print, sizes M-L-XL) and patches. They cost 12 and 3.5 euros respectively.

Shipping one LP costs 5.5 euros. 2-3 would be 7 euros, up to 6 would be 9 euros. These prices are worldwide.
Distributors- ask for wholesale prices.

10 december 2010

here's a brief update before the OD VRATOT NADOLU and SETE STAR SEPT records are released, next week:
- DAZD have recently appeared in the following publications: TRUST (germany), KUURSCHLUUS (usa), EL ZINE (japan), BAD ACID (usa), CZECHCORE (czech), TERRORAISER (ukraine)
- test presses for sale, e-mail with offers: DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" LP, v/a FREAK POWER 12", MOSS - "eternal return" 12", DAZD - s/t LP, IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE split 12"

05 november 2010

50 cds for 50 euros. i get to choose the titles, but feel free to drop suggestions from the distro list. Shipping without jewel cases would be around 9 euros to anywhere in the world.

30 october 2010

04 october 2010

-The test presses for OD VRATOT NADOLU and SETE STAR SEPT records have been approved, the cds have arrived- i expect to have everything ready for orders a month from now. If you want to get an e-mail notification upon their release, sign up here.

20 june 2010

-Next two releases will be albums by OD VRATOT NADOLU (macedonia) and SETE STAR SEPT (japan), both on cd and vinyl- probably after the end of summer.
-The last batch of records have been selling steadily, but everything is still available.
-Videos of new POTOP songs can be checked out here.
-Just reprinted new MOSS shirts and some longsleeves:

The "female vampire" shirt costs 8.5 euros and is available in most sizes. i have only a few of these, if in UK- contact the band. The "goat" is printed with gold ink and costs 9 euros for the shirt (purple) and 12 euros for the longsleeve (black). Calculate shipping here or ask me to do the math for you.

07 march 2010

-DAZD are playing the following record release shows:

13.03 Belgrade, Serbia with VOX POPULI, TERRARIUM in BIGZ
03.04 Skopje, Macedonia with POTOP, MARAS in HAVANA

here's what CRUCIAL BLAST had to say about the album:

"Killer apocalyptic hardcore from Serbia! This band is pretty wild; they bring together weird occult themes and imagery, their album art full of esoteric sigils, woodcut artwork, and surreal paintings from Jason Barnett, the lyrics exploring themes of anarchism, paganism, and earth magick, while the music is a mix of grim post-punk dirges a la Amebix/Killing Joke, psychedelia, and violent hardcore rituals, and also list Japanese maniacs GISM and cult Swiss metallers Hellhammer as influences. At first, Dazd start things off with a wasted doomed crawl, the opening track all stomping old school doom metal in the vein of Pentagram and Sabbath, heavy bluesy riffing creeping over reverb-drenched drums while screams echo in the distance; but the second track sets the tone for the rest of the album, beginning as a gloomy instrumental hardcore dirge, heavy winding bass and skronky, Ginn-esque guitar matched with droning riffs and spacey synthesizers, eventually starting to sound like a faster, more feral version of Amebix. From there, the album travels through fast hardcore punk fronted by snarling slobbering screams and delirious chanting, stretches of electronic noise and droning synths and Hawkwindian space fx, pounding metallic sludge, galloping old school metal, D-beat driven thrash, finally arriving at the wailing tribal punk dirge of "Duboko Duboko" where the band digs into another Killing Joke-esque jam with Hammond organs and emotional weeping vocals. Strange and unpredictable occult hardcore bound in amazing surreal imagery - Dazd are highly recommended for fans of brutal left-field HC."

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