03 december 2008

-new APARTMENT 213 "hammer" and CHARLES MANSON "lie- the love and terror cult" t-shirts available

the print is really nice and will not fade away, ever. sizes S-XXXL, limited quantity.
they cost 8.5 euros each, priority airmail shipping to anywhere in the world is 4 euros for up to two shirts.
-a new APARTMENT 213 7" coming out next year.
-MOSS are re-recording the vocals for the new 7" by the end of this year

29 september 2008

-back from tour, was fun. thanks to everyone that booked us the shows, cooked food, and let us sleep on their floors, mattresses, trailers, tents, couches, - hell, even beds! it is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.
-the BURMESE/ POTOP split LP is available for orders.

BURMESE offer 8 ugly tracks of noise; ranging from damaged rock to primitive grind bursts, sadistic power electronics and cold, haunting drones; a claustrophobic amalgamation of frequencies akin to MAN IS THE BASTARD, BRAINBOMBS and WHITEHOUSE.
tectonic grooves, blackened guitars and hellish screams make for POTOP's side. primitive and crippled doom metal, been compared to BURNING WITCH, KHANATE and power violence without the fast parts. heavy stuff for real.
17 minutes from each band//pressing of 500 hand numbered copies//comes inside a black dj sleeve//2 sided screen-printed covers on heavy 700 gr. paper//obi strip and insert. price = 10,00 euros
download BURMESE - "jfkkk must be killed again" and POTOP - "III"
-POTOP's "channels" CD
is also available through me, it contains the split LP + 3 more songs. it's out now on IRON PIG, the new sub-label of UK's finest AURORA BOREALIS.

-also POTOP t-shirts available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, as well as re-print of the DESPISE YOU - kid w/ glue + gun design, this time yellow print on black t-shirt

"postmature birth"

silver ink on white shirt

12 august 2008

-leaving on tour in a week, so if you want to order anything and have it mailed before i go- you know what to do.
-the test presses for the KURSK//DAMAGE DIGITAL split 7" have been approved, the record is currently being pressed.
-the test presses for the BURMESE//POTOP split LP have been approved, and should be out any day now. we're picking them up in berlin in time for the tour, along with the "channels" CD that is being released by IRON PIG.

04 august 2008

-so i just picked up the covers, the records are ready to go.

- hailing from serbia, DAZD lay down one negative mantra, occult punk/metal. ORDER OF THE VULTURE from portland complement the flip side with a lenghty metallic punk anthem. fresh and authentic, take note if a fan of AMEBIX, HELLHAMMER, DEVIATED INSTINCT. comes with an obi strip and translation of lyrics in serbian/english, pressing of 500 copies, 100 on clear.
4.00 euros

FY23 DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" LP
- DESPISE YOU play very angry hardcore. this record is a collection of their unreleased split LP with MAN IS THE BASTARD, split eps with STAPLED SHUT, SUPPRESSION, and CROM, the "pcp scapegoat" ep, compilation tracks + 1 unreleased song. comes with a gatefold cover, including a lyric sheet (previously unavailable), and an obi strip, pressing of 500 copies, 150 on clear.
10,00 euros

for audio previews, click here

-i can't do wholesale at the moment, because i have very few black copies available, and the clear copies are mailorder only. also, i'm down to last copies of the IRON LUNG//THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE split 12" and BLOCKADE 7". will have DESPISE YOU shirts re-printed this week, the same design i did earlier, but probably on brown shirts with black/white print. combine orders and save big time on shipping. i accept paypal, western union, bank transfer, well hidden cash (at your own risk). ASK FOR AVAILABILITY BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER ! ! !
-no idea what the status on the KURSK//DAMAGE DIGITAL split 7" is, as the other label co-releasing it (LEVEL PLANE) is not in touch. the BURMESE//POTOP split LP is currently in the pressing plant, the covers have been silkscreened on HEAVY paper and look sick and will be out very soon in time for the AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE//POTOP tour, which looks like this:

-this also means i won't be taking any orders from 20 august to 30 september. if you want to buy some cds from my distro- let me know which ones you
like, and i'll cut you a deal you can't refuse.
ta, ivan

25 april 2008

- the test presses arrived today, they are approved from my side. the covers for the DESPISE YOU LP are currently being printed, while the covers for the DAZD/ ORDER OF THE VULTURE split 7" are going to the printers next week. i expect to have everything ready to go in about a month. both are to be pressed in 500 copies, with clear vinyl available through mailorder.
- few other projects are taking shape, and a couple of new releases are to be announced soon.

11 march 2008

- me and steven/ CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA have started booking the tour for AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE and POTOP.
hailing from australia, AoA play brain-piercing grindcore with surgical precision. dissonant and organic guitar layered over dynamic drum blasting and an intense vocal make a complete venomous package. so far they have released a 9" and a split 7" with IRON LUNG on MISSING LINK, "character dissection" 12" on CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA, and a new cd on 625 records. this year they have toured the states with IRON LUNG and just returned from their australian tour with INSECT WARFARE, with whom they are doing a split 7" pretty soon.
POTOP (macedonia) are the polar opposite of AoA, speed-wise. negative guitars, tectonic grooves and sadistic vocals. bad music for bad people. a split 12" with the mighty BURMESE is soon to be co-released between FUCK YOGA and CRUCIFICADOS PELO SISTEMA.
here are the tour dates, if you can help us out with a show drop me or steven a line, and do yourself a favor, check out steven's label for some fine records.

27.8. berlin, germany - tbc
28.8. leipzig, germany - confirmed!
29.8. bielefeld, germany - tbc
30.8. hamburg, germany
31.8. copenhagen, denmark
1.9. gothenburg, sweden
2.9. malmoe, sweden
3.9. hamburg, germany - confirmed!
4.9 wrozlaw, poland
5.9. play fast or don't, czech - confirmed!
6.9. play fast or don't, czech - day off!
7.9. austria
8.9. slovenia
9.9. croatia
10.9. skopje, macedonia - confirmed!
11.9. belgrade, serbia - confirmed!
12.9. slovenia
13.9. italy
14.9. italy
15.9. france
16.9. france
17.9. belgium
18.9. gent, belgium - confirmed!
19.9. tilburg, south by southwest festival, netherlands - confirmed!
20.9. groningen, netherlands - confirmed!
21.9. giessen, germany - tbc!
22.9. germany

- on the way to the pressing plant: DAZD/ ORDER OF THE VULTURE - split 7", KURSK/ DAMAGE DIGITAL - split 7", DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" LP. all 3 releases are limited to 500 copies each.

14 january 2008

- the first batch of records is sold out, i got more e-mails then i have records, and will get back to you in the next day or so to confirm your order.

14 january 2008

- i received 40 copies of the IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 12" and 25 copies of THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 7". more are ariving by the end of the month. IRON LUNG play extreme hardcore punk with such lyrics that i have no idea how many managed to get into them. they have toured relentesly to most corners of the world (hell, they played a garage show in macedonia) and to me represent the finest dynamic duo. THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE hail from canada, and take a similar approach on the music aka brutal and bi-polar hardcore with all the right attributes + thought-provoking lyrics, and killer artwork. the 7" is recorded as a trio with only andy doing vocals and the japanese rising avant-drum legend riyosuke kiyasu (SETE STAR SEPT, KEIJI HEINO), and represents the BLOCKADE in their rawest edition.

pressing info:

IRON LUNG/ THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - "broadcast negativity" split 12"

- 300 black ink on white paper
- 38 silver ink on transparent plastic
- 6 silver ink on white paper
- 10 silver ink on black plastic//test press covers
- all covers hand-screened//stenciled, black vinyl only

check out LUNG's "liars", and BLOCKADE's "the endless blockade"

-430 regular covers + obi strip + poster
-80 covers in hand-made stenciled bags
-4 test presses
- black vinyl only

check out BLOCKADE's "mothra"

the 12" is 10 euros, and the 7" is 4e for the regular, and 5e for the limited. both records are one-time pressings only. when ordering the 12", state which cover you'd like to get otherwise you'll get a random one. i like the black ink one the best.
there are also some DESPISE YOU and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE shirts left, and since some people asked about combining shipping, here's the postage for airmail to anywhere in the world:

mailer = 300 gr. (no mailer for shirts only)
7" = 100 gr.
12" = 250 gr.
t-shirt = 160-170 gr.

and the prices for postage are:
250 - 500 gr = 5e
500 - 1000 gr = 6.5e
1000 - 2000 gr = 8.5e

add 3% of the total + 30 cents for paypal to kedaegaolo at gmail dot com. well-hidden cash at your own risk.


i am also sending out free POTOP promos if asked. in case you are too lazy to check out the link, it's slow//heavy//ugly shit. we are currently finishing up the mixing, and a couple of releases are being talked about. support the underground, etc.

other label- related news:

- i'll be putting out the european version of DESPISE YOU - "west side horizons" LP. to me they are one of the first bands that come to mind when talking about negative, pissed off hardcore and i am extremly stoked on working with them on this one. i'm shooting for a march release date, more info to come.
- planning on sending the DAZD/ ORDER OF THE VULTURE split 7" at the same time. OotV sent me the new song, this record will be a true feast for the necro punks. DAZD have also recorded their new album, it sounds incredible. the songs are drifting between old stoner metal/rock and thrashy crust with an occult approach. feel the darkness.
- BILL SKINS FIFTH have finished their new material, and are looking for labels. check out 2 new songs here.
- ELODEA have regruted the bass player from the cult slovenians PIZDA MATERNA and are doing an italian tour in march. new songs have also been written, so keep an eye on them if you like your music dark and sludgy. the "cataclysmic" cd is still available through me for 5e.

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